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What’s That Smell?

What’s that smell? Did someone leave two week old tuna fish leftovers in the break-room fridge again? Oh wait, I see what it is now. It’s the 5 players in fantasy football that are going to stink it up this season that you’ll want to avoid. Every year there is a handful of players who don’t live up to the expectations put on them. Don’t get me wrong, some of the guys on the list may have a decent season, but not in relation to where you are about to draft them. Leave these guys off your fantasy team, and things will start to freshen up around here. Do me a favor, open the windows so we can get a fresh breeze in here please.



Jonathan Stewart, RB, CAR

I can’t even believe that we have to have this conversation. I mean, how many seasons have we waited on Stewart to breakout? It seems every year there is a renewed optimism in Jonathan Stewart and I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing something. The big change this season is that there is no DeAngelo Williams in Carolina so Stewart is going to take over the reins fulltime. #1, I don’t believe for one second that Stewart will get that much of a bump in carriers because Williams is gone. Someone on the roster will fill the hole, no matter how small of a hole it was, that Williams left. #2, Will Stewart stay healthy long enough to make a consistent impact for your fantasy team? He is currently going within the top 20 RB’s in draft or on other rank list and I don’t see how. If you taking him late and you already have your starting RB’s then go for it. By no means of reasoning can you draft Stewart to be your RB2. Then again, maybe you like that foul smell in the air.


Desean Jackson, WR, WASH

Let me preface this by saying, I’m a fan of Desean Jackson, and I want him to do well, I really do. However, I’ve seen him ranked at times in the top 20 of WR’s or I’ve seen players ranked after him like Golden Tate & Jarvis Landry. Again, I like Jackson, but can he stay healthy long enough to make the consistent impact you’ll need? It’s hard to knock Jackson for the injuries as he plays so fast and tough that you have to respect it. But this is fantasy football and you can’t gamble this soon, these are the picks that have to work. You could always draft Jackson and follow up by drafting another WR soon after just in case he gets hurt. I didn’t want to forget to mention, I’m not a fan of his QB either, which doesn’t help his case. That seems like a lot of work to do this early in the draft when there is still many immediate impact players hanging around. Are you wearing 3 day old socks or is that smell just you drafting Desean Jackson a few rounds to early?


Julius Thomas, TE, JAC

3 words, Peyton – Manning – Effect. He was on the Broncos with a future Hall of Famer throwing the ball to him and they made it look easy. What a difference a season can make. He’s now a Jacksonville Jaguar with Blake Bortles as his QB. I’m not here to beat up on Bortles but he’s a far cry from Manning so you have to agree #’s will decrease. Not to mention the Jaguars weren’t exactly looking to throw the ball to TE’s much last season. Yes, the targets will likely increase due to Thomas being a high priced FA for them this season, I don’t see it being enough of a difference maker though being that Thomas is one of the higher TE’s drafted this season. After Gronk and Graham the market drops considerably here, you can grab a TE who will make a similar impact as Thomas later in the draft then he is being picked at now, which averages around the 8th round. Thomas is the skunk of this group, as he will leave an odor around your team also season that will be hard to forget.


Melvin Gordon, RB, SD

He’s going in the top 20 at RB on average in most drafts as well as on many rank list. I get it, he’s a fresh set of legs on a decent offense. I also like to roll the dice sometimes on rookies in hope that they pop there first season and I look like a genius for picking them. I’m not saying Gordon won’t be effective his first season in the NFL, I just don’t see the value at the spot he is typically going at. Besides, Rivers is a year older, the WR’s are average and the other RB’s on the team can be a playing time hindrance to Gordon. Like with all guys, if the price is right, it’s fine. In Gordon’s case what anyone says doesn’t really matter. Someone in every league will take him higher than they should for the simple fact that they believe they will be hitting on something before everyone else sees it coming. All I ask is that you courtesy flush before you stink up the draft room with this one.


Seattle DST

So, this one has a slight twist. I am mentioning Seattle defense because this is the one defense that gets drafted in the middle rounds of every draft and when it happens I smirk. It’s at that moment that I realize, a guy I want will drop just one more pick due to this Einstein’s pick. Seattle, nor any other defense for that matter, should be drafted before the very late rounds. Every season we rank defenses and ones that were ranked low end up as some of the best and vice versa. Don’t be the first to take a defense and don’t’ panic when the first person does. Be patient and let your defense fall to you. After you pick you defense in the last couple of rounds this is what I would like you to do. Be calm, take a deep breath, and appreciate the fresh, clean air. That my friend…is the smell of a champion.


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