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next for nate diaz

What’s Next For Nate Diaz?

I’m not surprised motherfuckers” – Nate Diaz


One of the greatest post fight quotes in history. I don’t know about you, but I believed Nate Diaz when he said that. A majority of the world that was tuned in had to pick their jaws off of the floor as they watched Conor McGregor tap-out to avoid being put to sleep. Although he shocked the world, Diaz didn’t shock himself. He accepted this fight on short notice and stepped into the Octagon knowing he could beat the most talked about fighter in UFC History. While many are now asking the question, who’s next for Conor McGregor? The more important question for me, is who’s next for Mr. Diaz?

It’s easy to let Diaz slip away into the background again for many casual MMA fans. He’s not the fighter with the UFC promotional machine behind him. He’s not the guy who took the UFC by storm by bouncing guys heads of the canvas throughout his entire division. He’s the patient fighter, the one who’s ok with not being flashy and going to a decision for a victory. The fighter who him and his brother (Nick Diaz) have had their share of trouble inside the sport, and haven’t always won the big fight, but have always been game to show up. Nate beating Conor is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. It’s been a long time coming, but this tough kid from Stockton will finally be paid his dues. He’s reached his long awaited superstar status after beating the savage from Ireland, even though you, and many others probably didn’t want him too.

Nate Diaz beats Conor

Below I have listed a few fighters I would love to see Nate Diaz matched up with. When putting together potential fights for Nate you must remember one thing, he wants to get PAID. Nate has always known his worth, even when the doubters never agreed. He’s an excellent boxer, a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and an elite entertainer.

  1. Robbie LawlerFor this fight Diaz would have to remain at 170lb weight class, which I’m not sure if that’s what he wants to do. Either way Diaz has earned a title shot and this one would certainly be entertaining. Would Robbie walk right through Diaz though or would Nate make this one hell of a bloody brawl?
  2. Anthony PettisTalk about a matchup that would be electric. Pettis is a former champ who’s done things in MMA none of us have ever seen done before (see video for explanation). If Nate was to take this fight he would be coming back down to 155lb to fight as a Lightweight. Would the casual fan be as excited for this fight as they would for some of the others? Probably not.
  3. Rafael Dos AnjosAnother 155lber that many are suggesting for Diaz to have a rematch with, but why? We have already seen Dos Anjos handle Diaz pretty convincingly, and I’m not sure we could expect much different if these two faced off for a second time. In MMA it is all about matchups, and this is one I am not crazy about for Diaz. If Nate is looking to continue this streak of victories, I would pass on Dos Anjos.

diaz dos anjos

OK, so I’ve listed three guys who Diaz deserves and would likely accept a fight with. However, I am not satisfied with these choices at the moment. The reason I am not going to accept one of these fights for Diaz if the decision was in my hands, is for one simple reason, and that reasons is Conor McGregor. That’s right I said it. This fight would be a dangerous one on so many different levels for both fighters but would undoubtedly provide the biggest pay off in terms of their wallets. The last fight was epic, and although it wasn’t the greatest fight in UFC history, it sure lived up to the hype and made every penny of the $60 spent to order it well worth it. Diaz ate the best punches Conor had to offer that night, and still found Conor’s hole in his game and choked him out.

Here’s the kicker…as much as I would love to see this fight and just argued in the last paragraph why it would be legendary, I think it’s a bad decision for Conor to accept.

  1. He needs to defend the title he won at 145lb and give other guys a shot at dethroning him. Frankie Edgar & Jose Aldo are the first two names that pop into my mind when considering guys who deserve a swing at the Irishman.

  2. Conor has more to lose than to gain in a rematch with Diaz. If he wins it would be nice to see him redeem himself, but a loss could end McGregor as we know it. A 2nd loss to Diaz would put an end to Conor in the eyes of many.
  3. Unless Diaz agrees to drop down to 155lb, another fight at 170lb would almost certainly not end well for Conor. Besides, why fight Nate at 170lbs if Conor would not proceed to fight the rest of the division in that weight class. The guys at 170lbs are just a bad matchup all around for Conor, although many don’t like to hear it, Conor is too small for the 170lb division.

After all is said and done I do believe we’ll be ordering the PPV’s or purchasing our tickets for a Diaz/McGregor rematch at 155lbs. Nate will be an in-shape 155lber and Conor would be much closer to his dominate fighting weight. At 155lbs ladies and gentlemen, we’d have ourselves a show. I see this getting announced soon as both fighters have taken to the media recently and declared their desires for this rematch to happen. When this super fight does happen, I have one thing to tell you all…….

“I’m not surprised motherfuckers!”


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