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what is MFL10

What Is MFL10, How Does It Work & Why You Should Play

Intro to the MFL10

Written By: Christo Hees

Whether you’re a seasoned Fantasy Football veteran, or a fresh player coming off a Rookie contract, there is good chance you have heard about an “MFL10”. Over the past few years these Leagues, which are a Best Ball format of Fantasy Football; have exploded in popularity. Over 1700 have already started since late February this year!

The acronym comes from MyFantasyLeague.com which is the site that hosts the Leagues. The 10, comes from the $10 entry fee. The user base of the initial MFL10 has expanded, and entries are also now available at $25, $50, and $100 price points. A new variation for 2017 has been added, the MFL2x; the 2x is available at the $10 and $25 entry level.

The Best Ball format, perhaps known as Draft Expert, or Draft Master depending on the circles you run in, is at the heart of the popularity. They are tailored to what many of us feel is the best part of Fantasy Football, the draft. You draft a team, and forget about it. You don’t set a weekly roster, there are no trades, and no one will ever beat you to the non-existent waiver wire. Your best possible score is submitted automatically every week.

Getting going on the Leagues is straight forward and easy. You make a deposit into your MyFantasyLeague.com account. Enter the contest you’d like to take part in, and wait for the League to fill. You’ll receive an email alerting you to when the draft will kick off, and a link to the League. From here your randomized draft position will be revealed, and custom options are available for your team name, logo, notifications, etc.

In an MFL10 you are competing against the entire League, every week, there are no Head 2 Head matches, no divisions. The team with the most points at the end of the season (Weeks 1-16) wins. These Leagues are heavily weighted to the winner.


Key things to know, and understand:

These are “slow” drafts. Each team has 8 hours to make a draft pick. The clock does not stop overnight. If you don’t make a pick within the 8 hour time limit, the site will make a selection for your team.

You can pre-pick selections to not only speed up the draft, but to prevent a time out pick from being assigned to you.

There are 20 rounds to draft. This is deeper than a lot of Home Leagues, which allows you to target some of those Sleeper picks, and really challenge yourself knowing the player pool.

Each week the site will assign your best possible score conforming to the below roster:

1QB – 2RB – 3WR – 1TE – 1FLEX (RB/WR/TE) – 1DEF

MFL10s use a fairly standard, full point PPR scoring system, with fractional point settings. Highlights below, but as with all Leagues review closely on the site.

4 point Passing TDs, 25 yards per point, with turnover penalties.

6 point Rushing / Receiving TDs, 10 yards per point, also with turnover penalties.

DEF use a scaled Points Allowed base setting, and receive bonuses for Sacks, Interceptions, TDs, etc.

Payout structure changes slightly depending on the entry level:


1st Place gets 10 shares = $100

2nd Place gets a credit to enter a $10 League following year.

For MFL25, 50, and 100s:

1st Place takes 8 shares, for $200, $400, and $800 respectively.

2nd Place takes 2 shares, for a double up.

3rd Place gets a credit to enter the same level League the following year.

MFL2X Leagues are designed after the popular 50/50s or Double Ups from the DFS world. They follow the same settings as above, but offer the below payout structure:

1st through 5th Place get 2 shares, for a double up.

6th Place gets a credit to enter the same level League the following year.


Really hope the above info entices you to dip a toe into the pool. These Leagues have really taken over as my favorite way to play Fantasy Football. There is a really great group of people playing these Leagues, they are active and interacting on #MFL10 Twitter. You’ll find yourself competing against industry experts at times, and while intimidating it’s a great challenge. There are strategies to be tested, and used. A plethora of amazing content is available to devour out there. These Leagues have been financially rewarding to myself. If you think your better than average, this is a place to put those feelings to the test. You don’t need a massive bankroll to get involved, winning 1 of 10 has you breaking even. The Leagues are also a great place if you are trying, or wanting to get better at the game. The flexibility of the 8 hour timer really allows you to carry on with real life, while still taking part in the game. Anyhow hope to see you out there #BestBallin, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Th3What.

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