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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 8 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker



– Above the Stream –

Jameis Winston v Oakland

More likely than not, you’ll already have to be rostering Winston to plug him in this week. But, if you’re a Jameis owner you probably aren’t just starting him week in and out. Playing Oakland this week he should be in QB 1 contention. The Raiders are allowing 25.4 to opposing QB’s, and have no pass rush to speak of. They were able to to keep Bortles under control last week, but we haven’t really seen that the Jaguars can punch their way out of a paper sack. I’m still seeing flashing green lights when the opponent is Oakland.

The Buccaneers enjoy an implied team total of about 25 points, and the Oakland Raiders have done their part thus far in keeping games interesting and competitive. In their last 4 games the point totals have been 49, 36 (played in a swamp against KC), 65, and 55. As a fantasy QB, Jameis does a lot of things that share a strong correlation with fantasy points. He takes a lot of shots down field (6.6pg) and about 5 attempts in the red zone per game. He has one of the premier red zone targets in the league in Mike Evans, and a big TE who can catch it and take a hit  in Cameron Brate. Put him in your lineups.


Marcus Mariota v Jacksonville

The tape on Mariota is uninspiring, it really is. There is a reason why he is putting up points in games where the offense is really just running over a bad opponent, not when he’s having to stand in the pocket and throw. But, it’s just as true that you don’t have to be a good real football QB to be useful in fantasy. What you really need to do is complete shots down field and it helps if you run enough to offset a turnover. Mariota is taking 4.1 shots down field (5th) and completing 48% of those attempts (8th). He’s also got the second most rushing yards for a QB with 210. Not bad. I’m not saying he’s good, but good doesn’t matter as much as we’d like.

This week Mariota is facing a bad rush defense (24th), which is typically not what we’d care about for our QB, but quite frankly I like  Mariota better when he isn’t throwing. I want to see the run game clicking and Mariota throwing bombs over a stacked box, or short completions for filler to Walker and Murray. He’s not going to pick apart a secondary. He needs the game to not be on his shoulders as it was not against Cleveland or Miami. The Jags also have a respectable front line, but the Titans are an average pass protecting unit and again if the running game is working that should take some of the wind out of the pass rushers’ sails. A factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is how poorly the Jags offense has been playing. Last week they only managed 16 points against the Oakland Raiders. If the Titans are able to keep the Jags offensive unit at bay, that leads to more time of possession for the Titans, which they’ll need to run their offensive scheme. You don’t have to believe in Mariota to believe in this play. Even if he’s not great, the points count the same.


Brock Osweiler v Detroit

It’s gross, but what you have to imagine is your opponent who is on the other side of this matchup, looking at your lineup and saying “Osweiler is terrible, and the one week he puts him in, that moron scores 20 points”. That’s why this is OK, I know he’s bad, I’m not telling you that he isn’t. But again, you don’t need to be good. He’s  taking 5 deep balls a game (4th), but not completing nearly as many as Mariota. He still has 152 air yards per game, which is good enough for 9th place. He also has really good wide receivers. On a side note, I would be really interested to know if A) Deandre Hopkins plays fantasy football, and B) If he does, would he stream Osweiler?

The real reason that anyone puts Brock in their lineup is the matchup. These are the results the Detroit has allowed to the QB’s who have faced them.


Det. Result C Att Yds TD Int Ru Ry RT Fpts
 Andrew Luck IND 1 W 39-35 (a) 31 47 385 4 0 3 21 0 37.4
 Marcus Mariota TEN 2 L 15-16 (h) 25 33 238 2 1 2 11 0 21.0
 Matt Cassel TEN 2 L 15-16 (h) 0 0 0 0 0 1 -1 0 -0.1
 Aaron Rodgers GB 3 L 27-34 (a) 15 24 205 4 0 5 22 0 28.5
 Brian Hoyer CHI 4 L 14-17 (a) 28 36 302 2 0 3 -3 0 22.8
 Carson Wentz PHI 5 W 24-23 (h) 25 33 238 2 1 2 14 0 21.3
 Case Keenum LAR 6 W 31-28 (h) 27 32 321 3 1 3 7 1 34.8
 Kirk Cousins WAS 7 W 20-17 (h) 30 39 301 1 0 3 19 1 27.0


C= Completions Att= Attempts Yds= Yards TD = Passing TD Int= Interceptions Ru= rushing att.

Ry= Rushing Yards Fpts = Fantasy Points

So really, you have to make the case that Brock Osweiler is so much worse than Case Keenum, that this just can’t be done. I think the floor here is around 15 points, which would by far be the worst result against the Lions yet. If you’ve missed out on Winston & Mariota, this is a play with upside. Your opponent will be out of his mind if it hits.

Alex Smith Pro’s and Cons

I’ll lay these out and you can make up your own mind. For me it just isn’t screaming positive. I like the 3 guys mentioned above more.


Team total of 26

Kansas City is favored to win

Indianapolis is allowing the 9th most points to opposing QB’s at 22.6

Indianapolis has a terrible pass defense


On the road

Smith takes only 3.4 deep ball attempts per game and only completes only 29.4%

22 rush yards so far this year

The Indianapolis rush defense is worse than the pass defense


– Under the Stream –


Rivers @ DEN

I know he did better than expected when they played in San Diego, but this one is in Denver and he only got 11 last time.

Brees v SEA

Seattle has only allowed Matt Ryan to score over 17 fantasy points. Brees is on the road in the opposite of the Super Dome.

 Wentz v Dallas

This game is going to be moving so slowly, that I don’t think either QB really has a fantastic day. Wentz seems to be trending downward, and the Cowboys have looked formidable.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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