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Points For Free - Week 16

Points for Free – Week 8 DST Streamers

Fantasy Football Week 8 DST Streamers

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


In a pretty tough bye week, the Stream may actually represent some of the better options that are out there. I wouldn’t drop a premier defense to pick one of these up, but I do think that these options will end up pretty high on the week’s rankings. On the other hand, if you’re holding onto the Eagles or Seahawks I would not expect a big week. I’d probably still start a defense in a bad situation before I dropped a lottery ticket at the end of my bench, but it’s worth consideration if you’re in a close matchup coming into the play-off race.



– Tennessee v Jacksonville –

The Jaguars just mustered up all of 16 points against the Oakland Raiders in week 7. Maybe, just maybe, the Raiders are starting to put it together. But, I think it’s more likely that the Jags are that bad. In that game the Jags gave the ball over 3 times, including 2 interceptions by Bortles. Bortles, by DVOA is the #26 QB on a team that has no real rushing attack. The Raiders defense escaped with 8 points, their best since week 3.

As usual when streaming defenses, we are going with a home favorite. The Titan’s opponents, the Jags, have an implied team total  of 21. The Titans have put together the 6th best pass rush with an adjusted sack rate of 7.6% and I like that stat because it includes more than actual sacks and gives you an idea of the bigger picture of pressure on the QB. It includes all of those situations that make it more likely for Blake Bortles to throw it to the wrong team. Interceptions are potential defensive TD’s, and the Jags are not particularly good at protecting Bortles with a pass protecting line that Football Outsiders ranks. 20th. Besides the pass rush the Titans are the #10 overall defense and shouldn’t have a lot of trouble stifling the Jags rushing game, making them a 1 dimensional team.

The Titans were beaten by the Colts, and this defensive unit turned in a pretty bad score card, but the Jags are just not that this year. Comparatively, the Colts are the 16th best passing offense and the Jags are the 29th. The Jags, in my opinion represent the same favorable matchup that we saw when the Titans met the Browns and Dolphins.


– Dallas v PHI –

Looking at the Eagles they seem to have lost some of their early season zip since the bye. They did just come off of what I would call a big win against the Vikings, but that was due largely to a Special Teams TD and Sam Bradford’s complete and utter lack of awareness of what is happening in the pocket around him. Since the bye the Eagles allowed the Lions to score 24, & then the Redskins to score 27. To be fair, they then kept Sam Bradford and the Vikings offense in check.

Dallas is a good offense, ranked #3 in offensive DAVE by Football Outsiders. They don’t really turn the ball over, which was a big piece of the Eagles’ last victory. The turnovers came as a product of pressure on the QB, and we all know about the Cowboys offensive line. They’re very good, and beyond that Dak can move. There’s a reason he went so long without throwing a pick. Besides taking care of the ball, the Cowboys are in the bottom third of the league in terms of team plays per game, running only 63. The Eagles run at an even slower pace, getting off the league fewest  53 plays per game in their last 3. The pace is going to suck opportunity out of both offenses, which is just fine for our defense.

It isn’t often that I can get this far into a writeup about a defense without talking about said defense. They’re not terrible (19th DAVE), and much better against the run than the pass. They have managed to rack up 11 sacks, which is pretty mediocre. Philadelphia is 25th in pass protection allowing and adjusted sack rate of 7.5, so even with a defensive front line that is less than ferocious, they may be able to get to Wentz and make some plays. Streaming defenses don’t alway have to be home favorites, but it’s certainly a plus. It’s an even bigger plus when the opponent’s team total is  19.5. This pick is really about the pace, and the idea that the arrow is pointing downward on the Eagles offense. I feel like this pick gives you a pretty safe floor if you’re not going back to the Titans.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

Follow him now & hit him up for more advice, he has plenty to go around!

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