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Week 4: Waiver Wire – Is Dalton Legit?

So here we are…Week 4 of the NFL season and I am starting to believe that Andy Dalton is legit, for real this time. We are coming up on closing out the first quarter of NFL schedule and Dalton has done nothing but bring it. Every week he has put up good numbers, and in week 3 just exploded. That’s how crazy this football season has started off because I am officially buying into the ginger QB.

From talking to others who play fantasy in leagues I am part of and other players in general, I realized that many are still stuck on the name of a player and not his performance. I understand it’s fantasy football but you have to understand that every player you have does not need to be an allstar. Plenty of role players in the NFL make huge impacts on fantasy teams all season long.

Let’s jump right into the guys you need to target with your waiver wire moves in Week 4.


Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals

I will keep this short. If he’s available in your league, pick him up. He performed big in week 3 and showed up well in the first two weeks so there is no reason to not believe in him. I know Dalton has fooled us in past seasons but think about it, he finally has all of his weapons healthy for the first time in….ever. If he’s there, grab em’!

Rishard Matthews, WR, Dolphins

I didn’t buy into Matthews previously, but it’s hard to ignore at this point. Dolphins have not looked great despite all the hype behind them coming into the season. Matthews has competition for targets though and I don’t think that will change, so his ceiling is limited in my opinion.  He his a redzone target for sure and if you need help at WR3 or flex than you could do worse than Matthews.

Marvin Jones, WR, Bengals

Do you see a trend building here? Dalton recommended as a pickup and now his 2nd favorite WR being recommended, so add another Bengal to the list of Cincinnati players with fantasy value. Jones has flashed before but never put it together for a full season thanks to injuries. Well, he’s healthy now and his QB is rolling. Jones is another guy I would spend a waiver claim on and get him in your lineup as a WR3, flex or injury replacement.

Thomas Rawls, RB, Seahawks

The Seattle rookie balled out last week while replacing Lynch who was out due to injury. Lynch being the starter in Seattle will cause people to hesitate in adding Rawls and I get it. However, Marshawn is pushing 30 with a TON of carriers under his belt and injuries starting to mount. If Lynch misses a considerable amount of time or just can’t pull it together, you have to assume Rawls will continue to see more time. Rawls proved he has loads of potential and Lynch has proved to be pretty beat up. Pickup Rawls and only start him when he gets the green light like last week.

Derek Carr, QB, Raiders

Need help at QB? Right now there are a bunch of injured QB’s with the likes of Big Ben, Brees and others. In steps Derek Carr, who has the Raiders offense steamrolling right now with Cooper, Crabtree and Murray. I like this offense and I like Carr’s abilities, even opposing players have complimented Carr’s play and state that Carr is capable of big things. Add him to your team as a 2nd QB and play the match ups.
Audible at the line of scrimmage:
Here is where we dig a little deeper then the list of players above. Justin Forsett has me really concerned as he has done much of nothing up until this point. I have not seen Forsett give us even a slight glimpse of what he showed us last season. I say that to say this, Raven’s have struggled considerably this season and I believe they may give someone else a shot. Enter, Lorenzo Taliaferro. If the Ravens decide to switch things up and give Taliaferro a chance to carry the majority of the carries, he could take this job and run with it (pun intended). Pick him up off the waiver wire and onto your bunch now, don’t wait until he has a great game and then you have to compete with the rest of the league in picking him up.

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