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Fantasy Football: Week 4 Must Sits

An issue that tends to be around in every fantasy sport and every fantasy sports league is the “I can’t bench (insert struggling star players name here)”. It’s a real issue and it seems like something that tends to become a big problem for fantasy GM’s throughout the season. I understand you drafted the player early, his name rings bells in the league and expectations were set very high for him, but he’s not off to a hot start. You cannot continue to allow your team to struggle and rack up L’s because you are being stubborn on benching a player. Below are 3 players, 1 QB, 1 RB, and 1 WR who need to get benched this week. Make a statement to the star player and see if he rebounds. The fear is that if you bench him this week he will go off and have a career day, if so, sure you missed it but at least you know he’s back and can start him in Week 5 again. Bench the 3 stars below and put a “W” in the win column.


luckandrewAndrew Luck, QB, Colts

This is probably the hardest one to bench on this list but you have to do it. He has struggled all season long and its not just because he cannot get his own team to score, it’s all the turnovers that are killing him. Luck is also dealing with an injury that has his Week 4 start in jeopardy. Between the inconsistent play and injuries, Luck is a dangerous player to start this week. Find a replacement like Carr, Dalton or Rivers and let Luck find himself again before he finds his way back onto his starting lineup. Luck in DFS is also a big no-no this week. I would love for this call to come back and bite me because that would mean Luck is back on track which equals a ton of happy fantasy football owners.

cjaC.J. Anderson, RB, Broncos

Now some would argue if we are talking about benching studs than why is C.J. Anderson on the list? Truth be told, C.J. was drafted in the first round of many fantasy drafts after his late season explosion into the league last year. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Anderson has had a tough time getting his legs under him this season and he isn’t completely to blame. The Broncos O-Line has been miserable to start the season and just started to look slightly better last week in pass protection, yet the Bronco RB’s have been unable to get anything started and the O-Line needs to take some of the blame for this one. C.J. has also dealt with some injuries which has also slowed him down the first few weeks. The Broncos seem to be willing to keep feeding Anderson the ball, so hopefully he can get back to last seasons C.J. before Hillman takes the job back permanently.

Tracy Porter, Mike EvansMike Evans, WR, Buccaneers

Two words…Josh Norman. The Cornerback is not on the rise, he’s already here. Norman is the latest cornerback to earn the “lockdown” title and I assume he will be the guy to put the clamps down on Evans this week. The Panthers defense as a whole is pretty damn good so Jameis is going to have his hands full all game long. This is not a knock on Evans talent at all, purely a situational issue. Lockdown CB with a good defense vs rookie QB just doesn’t usually end well for the QB. Leave Evans on your bench and look for alternate options this week. Preferably one without a rookie QB facing a lockdown CB.
Who do you feel is a certified bench warmer this week but didn’t make the list? Let us know below in the comment section.

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