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Week 2: Waiver Wire – TE Frenzy & Mariota…Really?

Many people disregard the waiver wire…those same people lose fantasy leagues, season after season. Just like in the NFL teams are forced to adjust, yes, even in fantasy football. Every player you thought would be great, wont. You drafted a sleeper? He may stay asleep all season. You drafted depth for your bye weeks? That’s fine…but after the bye week don’t sit on a guy you’ll never likely use barring injury. Move him, make a trade, be flexible. Fantasy Football is a week to week game and you have to take it that way. Get too far ahead of yourself and you may fall apart before you get to those playoffs you planned so well for.

Every week I put up waiver wire players I think you should grab. Keep in mind that I do not know who is available in your league or the size of your league. Therefore, I may list someone who may or may not be available to you. You will typically see players who are available in your league, as I am using the average % of players availability to keep these list as accurate to most leagues as possible.

One guy you will not see on my list below is Marcus Mariota. Simply put, I don’t believe last weeks amazing game by Mariota is typical of what he is going to do week in and week out. Honestly, week 1 may have been Mariota’s best game he will have all season. I will say one thing, he will be forced to air it out some games as the Titans will likely play there fair share of games from behind, yet I am not sure yet that is a good thing for Mariota. Pick him up if you have a roster spot and want to hold a backup QB. As long as you don’t add him expecting his week 1 performance each week, you should be fine.

I’m also not crazy on any of the available RB’s in most leagues. Cunningham is an ok option for now, but Gurley could return as soon as week 2 and when he does, we will forget Cunningham all together. Dion Lewis is another back who flashed but the return of Blount from suspension will only make the RB waters in NE a little murkier.

Now, onto the guys you should put a claim on before its too late.


Terrance Williams, WR, Cowboys

If he’s available in your league, he’s a must add. In no way, shape or form is Williams going to be Dez Bryant, but he doesn’t need to be. He was a decent flex option or bye week fill-in before Dez went down. He at the very least will get an uptick in targets, and more chances to score on a weekly basis. Count me in as one of the people who feel Dez is going to be out for awhile. Sucks for Dez owner, but great for you when you pickup Williams.

James Jones, WR, Packers

Here’s a guy that some people jumped on as soon as he resigned with the Packers. If nobody did in your league, well you have an opportunity to upgrade your WR depth. Jones is not going to catch 2 TD’s every week and he will not be the only one catching passes that Jordy Nelson was supposed to be catching. He’s a guy familiar with the system who was able to step right in and make plays. Cobbs and Adams will both still see more targets and likely make the bigger players, but when it gets close to the goal line Jones will be looked for. Rodgers trust him, and so should you.

Donte Moncrief, WR, Colts

This might be my favorite WR pickup of the group here as I love what Moncrief will have the opportunity to do with the Colts. Luck loves to throw the ball all game long and he needs guys who can do something with it. Sorry to those who drafted Andre Johnson but week 1 he was def. showing his age. I hope he comes around also, but with Hilton getting injured and the way Johnson looked week 1, I feel really good about what Moncrief can do moving forward.

Jordan Reed, TE, Redskins

Did he make some big plays last week or what? Desean Jackson went down early (we shouldn’t be surprised, I predicted this could happen in my previous article about stinkers for this season) and Reed took full advantage of the looks his way. Reed has flashed this same potential before, only to have it quickly dashed out by injury. If he can stay healthy, the Redskins have no choice but to make Reed a bigger part of this offense. He has all the skill and ability to do so, lets hope his body holds up.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Bucs

A big, big, big target for the rookie QB Winston who even in college loved his TE’s. I’ve noticed the feelings on Jenkins seem to be very mixed, you either hate him or you love him it seems. Personally, I’m all in on Jenkins, and I see no reason to not be. I don’t buy the fact that his TD was in garbage time as a reason not to like him. The Bucs will likely face a ton of garbage time this season, so if I can expect his week 1 numbers every time the Bucs land in “garbage time” I’ll be the happy owner of a TE putting up serious numbers. Another knock on Jenkins that I see going around is that Evans will be back very soon. Again, I don’t see the return of Evans as a negative effect on the TE. I believe it only opens up more space for Jenkins to make big plays as focus will be assigned to Evans. Those thoughts aside, rookie QB’s tend to lean on there huge, big body TE’s there first season, in the case of Jenkins, I will too.
Audible at the line of scrimmage:
One guy I keep beating the drum for is Seahawk WR Tyler Lockett. He had a punt return for a TD last week and a few targets. You cannot keep a guy with this type of play making ability off the field. His playing time will increase throughout the season and who better for him to payoff for then you? Get him before your whole league takes notice…or before they read this article.


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