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UFC 194


I am going to give you a piece of advice right this moment. Whether or not you listen to any other advice giving on this site, such as our fantastic FANTASY FOOTBALL section. I must highly encourage you to not skip out on what I am advising you to do this second. Whatever cable network/service you use, call them now and place your order. Don’t wait, don’t ask your wife first if its ok, and don’t hold off on whatever house repairs you were about to complete. If you mess around and do anything else beforehand, you just may forget and miss-out on what is guaranteed to be an epic night of MMA at UFC 194.

Before I go any further…check out the fight card below:

UFC 194 Fight Card


Is this real life you ask? YES, it is!!! Thank you UFC & Dana White! Lets discuss some of the matches on the UFC 194 card slightly more in-depth.

We will skip right over the prelim fights which is by no means to discount them. They have a ton of good fights lined up there as well, so tune in on Fox Sports 1 to not miss a beat. UFC 194 will follow right after the prelims.

Souza (Jacaré) vs Romero

Two nasty, top-tier pro’s in there respected martial art. Anyone who has witnessed a Souza fight knows his Jiu-Jitsu is downright brutal. If he locks in on a position you should prepare to tap unless you want to end the fight without a bone snapped in half or if you’re ready to go night-night. On the other hand, Romero is an undeniable monster with his wrestling. Both fighters are clearly in top-notch shape & this is no doubt going to be a very interesting fight. Both fighters are confident in there abilities & don’t operate with fear inside the Octagon.

Our Pick: Souza


Weidman vs Rockhold

This fight is being over-shadowed by the Aldo – McGregor fight and that sucks. This Weidman & Rockhold fight deserves so much more attention then it is currently receiving, but that’s what happens when you have a promoter like McGregor on the same card. Weidman is the champ and has beaten the big names to prove he deserves it. Many fans still hold off on crowning Weidman because of the strange ways his fights with Anderson Silva have gone. It’s not a good enough reason though, as Weidman has certainly earned the title of being champ. Rockhold doesn’t care who you put in front of him and is more then ready to take what he feels he deserves. Not many will admit it, but this could easily be the fight of the night. These two are official beast, and we expect them to put on a hell of a show.

Our Pick: Weidman


Aldo vs McGregor

Here it is…the two men that everyone wants to see kill each other. It has a story-line jam packed with plenty of drama for us to talk about. Aldo & McGregor went on a world tour and constantly went at each other verbally and physically. McGregor has IT. He is a master promoter and super talented fighter. Aldo, a 10-year champ who has done nothing short of dominate his division for what has seemed like forever. Both of these fighters are highly skilled, McGregor with excellent hands & a killer mindset. Aldo is a super well-rounded mixed martial artist who is well known for his signature vicious leg kicks. This fight is literally one for the ages, the long-time Brazilian champ in José vs the up and coming Irish hero Conor.

Our Pick: Aldo


I cannot stress any more then I already have that this will be a UFC PPV you will not want to miss. Gather up the coins between your couch cushings, grab the change sitting in your car cup holder and get this bad boy ordered! Enjoy the fights and let us know in the comments below which fights you are most looking forward to & who you think is going to win big tonight at UFC 194!

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