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To Buy, or Not To Buy

That is the question. I have been playing Madden since 94 so we are talking slightly over 20 years. Within those 20 years, we have seen major strides in the gaming industry, so obviously Madden today is nowhere near the same game it was 20+ years ago. With all the major changes the gaming industry has seen with technology, it has been pretty amazing & the future is very, very bright.

However, we must mention that Madden is the only pro football game of its kind currently being produced for the major consoles, although others are making a push to enter the field. Long time gamers will remember the NFL2k brand, which when it came out on Dreamcast I was a huge fan. It was arguably as good or better then Madden at the time. The lack of competition in the market has caused many gamers to ask if Madden has gone stale the last few years, as it doesn’t seem to have any major overhauls or updates year to year. No matter the industry, all consumers know that competition is great on the users end as it brings about the best products. No competition, too many, means a product does not need to be greatly improved on as people don’t have a better option to support. I do enjoy playing the current Madden games that are released, but even I have to ponder the thought myself that if given an option would I continue to play Madden, or choose its opponent? Again, this is no direct knock on Madden, as I have purchased the game every year it’s been released since I was 8 years old.

The creators over at EA Sports should not fear if another company enters their market space again, as I believe it would only inspire them to drive a better game to the masses. As other game companies always seem to be on the goal line ready to score big with another hit, Madden continually feels like it’s still back on their own 20 yard line & it’s very frustrating. They say never get too comfortable with anything in life & I tend to agree with that sentiment. I believe when you get comfortable at whatever it is you do, it tends to be a major hit to your creativity.

So here it is EA Sports, either allow more competition in your market & make yourselves uncomfortable, or continue to produce a product that we have no choice but to buy as avid NFL fans/gamers. Buying Madden now is like being the woman who has a boyfriend that she loves, yet is frustrated with, but in the back of her mind she keeps thinking he’s going to change. Are you ever really going to change Madden, or will you just keep dragging us along & promising that you will?

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