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Tim Duncan talks Kobe

Tim Duncan talks Kobe Retiring

You’ve heard everyone in the league answer questions this season after playing against Kobe for the last time. I promise you will not get a better answer and reaction to it then when Tim Duncan talks Kobe.

I swear I have never seen a player take on personality of his head coach more than Tim Duncan. We all know Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich loves to have fun with the media and reporters. Well apparently his Hall of Fame Center has adopted his same attitude towards the media when asked questions by reporters. Check out the video below of Duncan’s hilarious handling of the Kobe Bryant retiring questions in. Many people are not fans of Popovich and Duncan’s style of answering questions throughout the years. In all seriousness, it’s clear that Duncan respects Kobe and by no means were his answers meant to disrespect Kobe in any way at all. My message to Popovich and his son-like Center Duncan, I LOVE IT! Major props to Popovich & Duncan dominating the game on and off the court.

Skip to 1:20 of the video to hear Tim Duncan only.

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