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The Notorious

Do you have 2:22 to spare? Even if you don’t…you need to watch these soundbites from Conor McGregor at the UFC Go Big Conference. In a room full of alpha males and beast from all across the world, Conor owned the room. There’s no disputing or arguing the fact that Conor has IT. Whatever IT is, he has it in boatloads. He dropped bomb after bomb on every fighter at the conference, so much so that I didn’t even care to hear there responses to him. He’s hilarious, he’s the most honest guy in the room & he talks the talk. What else can you ask for? There is a reason the UFC backs Conor 1000 percent in everything he does, even when he goes off on these rants. Simply put, he buts asses in the seats & PPV orders on households across the world. He brings it every single time, from one on one interviews, to conferences, to the Octagon itself. He not only knows how to win in MMA, but he also knows how to win in marketing. He makes you love him or hate him, like all great salesman do. I personally love his charisma & what he brings to MMA. It’s good for the sport & its good for the fans. Keep the show alive oh Notorious one!

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