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clock dodgers fantasy football podcast

Yo! Talking to clock Dodgers during a fantasy football season is gold. He doesn't make decisions for you, he helps you with your decision. He also teaches u the ins and outs on how to figure out your style of play. Gambler or conservative u want to have clock Dodgers in your corner.  I appreciate your timely responses also.
- Salute from @bumpybarz #fantasysuperbowlchampion2016

Clock Dodgers helped me out a ton this year with pending trades and matchups. I unfortunately didn't start using their advice until midway through the season, and finished in 2nd and 3rd in my two biggest leagues. A full season of them can only mean more improvement!
- Andres @ajv16

Clock Dodgers has helped me soooo much in fantasy this year!!! Every time I felt down or bad about my team I just looked at @prophyt team and I instantly felt that much better about mine!! It gave me the confidence to make the correct lineup changes. 😍😍. Thank u clock Dodgers! U made me amazingly average 🔥🔥🔥 /sarcasm
- Jeff aka @jjk

Clock dodgers saved my life...too dramatic? Hey they always say you have to grab the readers attention early so they stick around and read more. Not sure where to start but wanted to say, that if you are just finding this website then pat yourself on the back and stick around. Great content always being added to this website and learn to escape the 9-5 mindset that we all need sometimes, some more often than others. Mr. Stainless Steel Neal aka @prophyt I just want to say thank you for creating this place that we can all vent, forgot about the worries of the world or jobs, talk all things sports to pop culture to chicken tenders (yeah we got range). I found the clock dodgers chat room on the fantasy life app after just a few days of it being created back In January of 2016 and never looked back. So many great guys on there (and ladies, shout out to @shelly as most dudes can't compare to her knowledge and wit) and conversations always flying around about anything you could ever want. I've spoke with Neal (@prophyt on the fantasy life app and @clock dodgers pretty much everywhere else) about life struggles and successes, friendships, all things fantasy sports related and well anything and everything.  Many fantasy leagues have been created because of this app and many more friendships. Have I ever met anyone from this website/app chat room? No, but I have created bonds with so many like @prophyt (himself), @swagzilla, @jjk and @usanumber1 and many many more (don't get offended if I didn't mention your name here, I love you all) in so many different ways that I my only regret is that I didn't "met" these people sooner. So, did clock dodgers save my life? No they did not but it did CHANGE my life for the good and wouldn't have it any other way. Clock dodgers a way to escape the 9-5 mindset that we all need and want. Well you have found it now.
- @2drinkminimum