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Clock Dodgers Podcast – Episode #12 w/Chris Harris

Billy Corben Clock Dodgers

Neal is joined by special guest Chris Harris of and the Harris Football Podcast. Neal & Chris discuss the latest breaking news in the NFL and how it effects fantasy football this upcoming season. We break down fantasy football’s hottest topics and answer questions that are on everybody’s mind. ...

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Clock Dodgers Podcast – Episode #11

Scott Fish Bowl

Neal is joined by an OG named Josh (@joshkelleytime on the FL App). No…not the tattoos on the face type of an OG, but rather a Fantasy Life OG. We aren’t sure his street cred is quite like those OG’s you hear about in movies or on TV. Yet, his ...

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Hodge Twins – Supplements Worth Your Money?

Some call it bro-science…some say they don’t know what they are talking about at all. I say the Hodge Twins are geniuses & funny as hell, so screw your opinion. On this video they talk about supplements and whether they feel they are worth the $$$. It’s just advice, so ...

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Elliott Hulse – Going The Distance

Elliot Hulse dropping the facts! We all need motivation when it comes to eating right, working out, or just becoming a stronger you. Nobody inspires & motivates better than this man and his videos. Let Elliott help you go the distance and watch more of his videos on his official ...

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CT Fletcher – Unchain Your Mind

CT Fletcher - Unchain Your Mind

Need motivation? Need to get your mindset right? No better person than CT Fletcher to help you do it. WARNING: After watching CT Fletcher, you may lift weights until your arms fall off….or until your muscles have muscles.  

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Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

If you’re a fan of the TV series “Lost”, you already know what the title of this post is from. It was one of my favorite “Lost” moments ever as it really resonated with me. In the scene, one of the main cast members on the show (John Locke, who ...

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Connect The Dots

We all fall into slumps…we all get lazy…pull yourself up out of it. Be GREAT today. Do something BETTER than you did it yesterday. Nothing beats HARD WORK.    

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