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super bowl 52

Who’s Going To Super Bowl 52?

On The Road To Super Bowl 52


Week 13 of the NFL Season is here and many storylines have transpired and unfolded in front of us. Some teams started hot and have since gone cold, while others didn’t look great early on but now are on fire. While the NFL has had to deal with politics, player suspensions and beef between it’s commissioner and a team owner, the league has still been as competitive and exciting as always. A quick look at the Top 5 Super Bowl 52 favorites and we get an idea of which teams currently are making the most noise for a trip to Minneapolis.

Top 5 Super Bowl 52 Favorites

Patriots: 5/2
Eagles: 7/2
Steelers: 6/1
Vikings: 8/1
Saints: 12/1

Let’s break these teams down even further in an attempt to make sense of this tight yet fluid group of possible Super Bowl 52 bound teams.

In what many see as a shocker, the Saints are suddenly pretty damn good on both sides of the ball. The Saints found a lighting bolt in Kamara who’s out here making the most of every touch he gets while on his way to winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. The defense has stepped up and become play makers of their own.

The Vikings are the other NFC team who even after losing their star rookie RB Dalvin Cook and starting QB Sam Bradford, have found ways to win game after game. The offense is rolling behind Case Keenum while Teddy Bridgewater waits in the wings for his amazing return from an injury that could of been career ending. The question that both the Saints & Vikings have to answer is can they beat the red hot Philadelphia Eagles?

The Steelers are bullying their way through the AFC in hopes of another shot at the crown and they have all the weapons to do so. A high powered offense and a stingy defense will typically do the trick. Like both the Saints & Vikings, the one thing stopping the Steelers is likely not themselves. In their case the problem is a head coach and QB duo who just refuse to letup on their pursuit of winning more championships.

The Prediction

Certainly the five teams mentioned above are well deserving of a Super Bowl visit but the Eagles & Patriots remain a cut above according to mytopsportsbooks. When discussing the best and most elite teams in sports one factor always remains. Teams need special players & coaches if they want to win the big dance & build a legacy. With Bill Belichick & Brady you have two of the most successful people the NFL has ever witnessed leading a team that many have titled a Dynasty.

The Eagles have a 2nd year QB in Carson Wentz who has improved by leaps and bounds and a head coach in Doug Pederson who has all the faith in the world in him to lead this team. With fantastic play on offense and defense the Eagles hold the best record in the NFL and are at great odds to reach the Super Bowl to go head to head with the New England Patriots.

More football still has to be played before we arrive at Super Bowl 52, but we at Clock Dodgers are enjoying every second along the way. Let us know who you think will represent the AFC & NFC at Super Bowl 52. Hit us up in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.

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