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Your Guide Through The Chaos – State of Confusion, Identities Unknown

State of Confusion,

Identities Unknown


Wicked Endings

What makes College Football so intriguing is that almost any team can be beaten on any given Saturday. What we saw going into the week were Vegas Odds dooming a lot of opponents against Top 25 Teams.

The Iowa Hawkeyes were a 13.5-point underdog to Penn St at game time. It took every bit of Saquon Barkley and a Touchdown on the final play of the game to pull out a win. Clemson was a 34-point favorite against (1-2) Boston College. The Tigers were tied with the Eagles (7-7) until just under 12 minutes to go in the 4th quarter (winning 34-7). USC was tied with Cal at 13 until the 4th quarter when USC outscored Cal 17-7 for a 30-20 victory.

It was a wild ride for College Football this weekend and the new rankings show just how much things have changed. We went from talking about Mason Rudolph and OKST in the playoff to discussing FSU not being included in the Top 25 for the first time since 2011. Oh, the things we learned this week.

Did anyone see the Championship Game this weekend? Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson went toe-to-toe. Super Bowl Champ versus National Champ. Belichick and O’Brien. This game was super. Tom Brady showed you at 40 years old that he is still the best QB in the game today. Watson proved that he is going to be a Franchise QB (the QB situation was starting to look like Cleveland). In the final 5 minutes of that game, Deshaun Watson avoided a sack, made 4 people miss and completed a 31-yard pass to Foreman. Brady, who refused to be outdone, took the Patriots down the field with one timeout and threw a beautiful fade to Cooks with only 23 seconds left. If this is what we have to look forward to the rest of the season, I may have to order Sunday Ticket!

Who is the Best Team?


First off, all of you SEC Homers need to sit down and insert a pacifier. While Alabama is still ranked #1, how can you say,  no one wants to play Bama? Alabama did pitch the shutout against Vanderbilt this weekend. Alabama also scored 59 points in routing the Commodores but weren’t we just last week concerned about their play against Colorado State (2-2 with wins against Abilene Christian and Oregon State)? Vanderbilt was undefeated coming into the game against the Tide after posting dominating performances against the likes of AAMU and MTSU then barely edging KSU. The Tide corrected some issues they had against CSU but don’t crown them Champions yet. Alabama has beaten Florida State, Fresno State, Colorado State and Vanderbilt. At this point in the season, none of those teams are in the Top 25 and probably won’t be there come December. Good thing the SEC is full of tough competition…


Clemson struggled against Auburn (for the second year in a row) but the game never felt in jeopardy. After that physical battle in the trenches, the Tigers traveled to Louisville to take on the Fighting Jacksons of Louisville. To all our amazement, there was only one person on the field named Lamar Jackson and he isn’t really Superman. Clemson took the Cardinals to the woodshed and Head Coach Bobby Petrino was asking for a neck brace during his post-game presser. Then Clemson hosted Boston College. What looked like an easy win was quite the opposite. The Tigers looked abysmal on offense through 3 quarters. The Eagles confused and confounded QB Kelly Bryant with their coverages and schemes. Bryant had very little time to throw the ball and forced Bryant to make poor decisions. You can bet Virginia Tech will be ready and Bud Foster will put together a solid plan to contain Bryant. If Clemson doesn’t watch out, someone like Pittsburgh will make a lot of Tiger fans cry this season.


Like Clemson, Oklahoma decided to wait until one of their easiest games of the season to have a brain fart. To put this into perspective, you need to understand that Baylor lost to Liberty to open the season. How bad is that? Well, the Flames went 6-5 last season with blowout losses to Charleston Southern and Coastal Carolina. Baylor is now 0-4. The Bears rank 67th in Total Offense and 121st in Total Defense. What the $&@^ happened to the team that dismantled Kirk Herbstreit’s, Ohio State Buckeyes? The Sooners should have posted 600 points against Baylor with their 4th Stringers but I guess Mayfield will blame Katy Perry for this too. Since Lincoln Riley is a new Head Coach and his QB is working on what feels like his 10th or 11th Season in College Football, we can give them a pass for now but that defense will be tested from here on out.

Penn State

I have nothing to say to you. You let me down by firing Joe Paterno and ultimately killed him (if I hurt your feelings with that statement, grab a pacifier, join SEC fans everywhere and sit down). I swore I would never let it go and I would pull against you every step of the way. Then you make strides last year and finally the talk faded about the tragedy that haunted your campus. Just last week, I said how strong your team looked and it was a joke to put your game on primetime with the other matchups on the slate. You almost blew it. Hell, you should have lost. Similar to OSU and Michigan last season, it just didn’t seem right that you came out with the win. What would you have done had the Hawkeyes had some sort of offense? Yes, Barkley is the most talented player in College Football this year (at least in the top 3) but ask Stanford or LSU how that worked out for them last year with McCaffrey and Fournette. I am jumping off your bandwagon now before we get to the point of no return and you make a fool of me (still will finish 10-2 or 11-1).


I am getting sick and tired of telling you people that USC is not the team we all thought of them to be. The Pac-12 IS VERY BAD and I don’t know how to prove that to you. California was 3-0. California’s biggest win….UNC who lost to DUKE (and no, the game was not played at Cameron Indoor). Sure, the Cal Bears also beat Ole Miss. It seems like everyone has had a turn at Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze since the start of the summer. Just check the phone logs, they don’t lie. Ole Miss is like the ugly duckling of the SEC right now and if it wasn’t for Baylor, they may have been the biggest black eye of college football. The point is, Cal at 3-0 (like Vandy) hasn’t played anyone with a pulse. USC beat a bad Stanford team (who lost to SDSU) and struggled with WMU. They were in a dogfight with Texas (should have lost) and then through three quarters couldn’t figure out Cal. Darnold has 7 interceptions through 4 games. That means he is on pace to throw 21 this season. The Trojans will face 5 out of 7 opponents with a better defensive ranking than the teams they have played thus far. If Deshaun Watson was knocked for his interceptions but Darnold is still being hailed as a potential top pick in the draft, someone needs to resign! USC will lose at least 2 games this season.

Who Made the Greatest Impact?

I hate admitting this but UGA has some DUDES! I thought that Georgia would beat Mississippi State this past Saturday but I had no idea how dominant it would be. They surprised us all. Mississippi State didn’t play that bad, it was just the Bulldogs from the East played that darn good.  The backfield in Athens looks very deep and the OL played the best it has all season. UGA is picking a great time to click on all cylinders as they will play 5 games in a row that they should be favored in. Look for UGA to finish the season 11-1 or undefeated for the first time since 2003.

While TCU took me by surprise and beat OKST, it honestly wasn’t all that surprising. What TCU did on defense is something a team in the Big12 will only see once or twice a year.  Gary Patterson has done an excellent job there and usually fields a solid defense. Offensively, the Horned Frogs have struggled in the past but they looked every bit as potent as the Cowboys. There is a chance that we will see the Horned Frogs play Oklahoma a second time this year and if that is the case, the Big12 could be in trouble when it comes to the committee.

Have Questions or Comments?

Thanks to @ClockDodgers, you can now reach me on Twitter. I will try and answer questions you have but remember, I am paid only in used postage stamps, empty soda cans and rotten bananas.

My Top 25

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia
  • Penn State
  • USC
  • TCU
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington
  • Virginia Tech
  • Auburn
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma State
  • Washington State
  • Miami
  • Louisville
  • Utah
  • Notre Dame
  • Miss St
  • WVU
  • SDSU
  • USF
  • NCST
  • Kentucky

– First Four IN –

Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin

– First Four OUT –

Penn State, Georgia, Washington, TCU

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