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Saunas: Hot Topic

Within the last year or two, many studies have come out in support of sauna’s and the health benefits they bring with regular use. Anyone who goes to a gym that has a sauna or that have access to a sauna anywhere else, know how great they feel. After a workout, I honestly don’t know anything that feels better then a visit to the sauna. Personally, the sauna relaxes me both physically and mentally. Somewhere floating around in that dry heat and dripping sweat, I find peace. If I skip the sauna after working out I feel like I robbed my body of a positive experience it very much deserves.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick has released articles and videos in the past and very recently as well, explaining all her research done on the benefits of using the sauna. I have to admit, she makes a great case for them. Her work and others, lead me to believe that everyone should use the sauna for its unlimited benefits to the human body and mind. I wont go over all of the specifics of Rhonda’s research because she put in the work and explains it much better then I can. Please check out her website at I posted a couple of her YouTube videos at the bottom of this article so you can see what she has to say as an expert on the subject.

Below are some quick hits on the positive effects that saunas may be provide.

  • Anyone who has used the sauna after workouts can feel it, but science has also shown that using a sauna may help muscle recovery after workouts or injuries.
  • Saunas may actually create a boost in natural HGH in your body.
  • If you are stressed or just need to ease your mind, saunas are long known to be very relaxing for body & mind
  • Many believe that all of the sweating caused by the sauna helps your body cleanse your skin of dirt & toxins
  • The sauna has a metabolic effect similar to exercising, of course without any type of actual muscle gains that exercising brings
  • They improve your bodies circulation & also help with breathing, especially when you’re dealing with sinus issues or colds
  • Studies show that your body simulates the reactions of a fever when using a sauna which may boost your immune system
  • Sauna use may even help in the growth of new brains cell & assist in strengthening life longevity

Wow, what a list of benefits that saunas may bring! Some benefits are small, others can be life changing, so why pass on such a great opportunity to improve your overall health? Please remember, saunas can also be very dangerous if not used properly. Do your research on safety tips when using the sauna. Like many things in life, saunas can be very beneficial, but all deadly if misused. One other point I would like to mention. Sauna use goes very far back in history for all types of reasons, especially used by the very wealthy long ago. Thankfully we never gave up on saunas & they are still around today. The only thing missing? YOU! Remember, everyday you should look for new ways to benefit the quality of your life, saunas are a great tool to use. Time to sweat!

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