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Ronda Rousey KO

When read before today, the headline “Ronda Rousey KO” would have always been in reference to another opponent being knocked-out by Ronda Rousey. In what still seems hard to accept for me, the headline above is actually referring to Ronda herself being knocked-out. That’s correct, no typo, no alternate universe, no editorial mistake. Ronda Rousey fought in Australia the other night against Holly Holm and lost her Bantamweight Title.

It’s initially shocking sometimes to see individuals who are so dominate at what they do to actually lose. It’s not that the one loss hurts Rousey’s legacy. Let’s not for one second attempt to take away anything she has achieved. Their is actually a lesson to be learned here for both children and adults. No matter how much you’ve earned and no matter how much you have obtained through your hard-work & dedication, you can be stopped. But being stopped by another individual who works just as hard as you is not something to be down on yourself about. You will feel it, trust me.


You will be sad at first, likely followed by anger. The sadness is from you realizing you were beat, the anger comes from the fact that you could of won if you did some things differently. However, the true test is not about whether you won or loss, or even how you feel afterwards for that matter. The important factor in all of this is how did you respond. I do not know Ronda on a personal level, only as a fan. One thing I can promise I do know about her, if only from a fan perspective, is how she will respond. Ronda will come back from this loss and work harder then she has ever worked before. I say this because Ronda is one of the great ones at what she does, and that is how the greats respond. This loss to Holm will not break her, only make her stronger.

The fact of the matter is that too many of us know how to win, but not how to lose. When we lose something, how we respond and move forward is the true test. I cannot tell you how to win or lose, really nobody can. For this lesson, life & experience are the only teachers of the class. To enroll for the class of how to win & lose you must simply live. Live life to the fullest and give it your all, just like Ronda does. I know how Ronda will respond, do you know how you would?

Congrats to Holly Holm who clearly worked her ass off to be the new Bantamweight Title holder. It is very well deserved and even if you are a fan of Ronda’s do not try to take this moment from Holly. I personally question Ronda’s strategy in this match as it seemed she was playing directly into Holm’s strengths which didn’t make much sense. Not sure if it was pride, or if Holm’s got inside Ronda’s head so much it caused Ronda to ignore her gameplan. Whatever it was, Rousey obviously made the wrong decisions and Holly ate her up inside the octagon.

We all know what this change of title holders means moving forward for the UFC. We will see a rematch, and of course we will witness a trilogy.

Congrats to Ronda Rousey & Holly Holm on a great fight and thank you for the entertainment for all. We look forward to your next bout, which will be nothing short of pure fire from both of you.

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