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PPR Lineup Tool Week 6

Adjusting Expectations: Fantasy Football PPR Lineup Tool Week 6

Adjusting Expectations

Weeks 1-5

ppr lineup tool week 6

How to use:

The numbers given show how far above or below the players at a position have scored in comparison to their own average. If a player averages 10 points but scores 12 against a certain opponent, that is recorded as +2. For instance, this week  Atlanta is a +3.63 against RB1’s. They are playing the Dolphins whose RB1 is Jay Ajayi. So we can expect him to score about 3.63 more points than his average, or usual score. Of course, there are other things to consider like his health and the performance of their O-line. But we know that RB1’s, thus far, have scored that much above their averages.

RB Upgrades RB Downgrades
Jay Ajayi (+3.63) v ATL

Javorious Allen (+5.85) v CHI

Leonard Fournette (+3.65) v LAR

CJ Anderson (+4.51) v NYG

Kareem Hunt (+4.30) v PIT

Demarco Murray (-4.61) v IND

Isaiah Crowell (-5.85) v HOU

No Halftime RB Challenge

Buck is coming off of a hot week where in he led the team in RB snaps with 71% and also received 21 carries and 5 targets to Alex Collins’ 12 carries. However, Javorious’ name still does not carry the cache of a Demarco Murray. This week Buck matches up against the Chicago Bears. ppr lineup tool week 6These Bears have struggled against the RB1 of their opponents and especially so when that opponent can catch the ball. In week 1 they allowed Freeman to be an RB2 with Coleman still scoring 9.8 PPR points. J Rodgers was an RB2. Leveon Bell was an RB1, as was Jerrick McKinnon. I think Buck steps up in a big way. At the same time Demarco Murray faces an Indianapolis team that seems to pull the best out of secondary RB’s like Matt Breida and Duke Johnson. While Demarco is more involved in the passing game than his counterpart Derrick Henry, I think it’s more likely that those targets go to a Delanie Walker. I think his chances of being victorious in a matchup with Allen are just enough to get someone to accept this challenge

WR1 Upgrades WR1 Downgrades
Deandre Hopkins (+5.18) v CLE

Larry Fitzgterald (+5.58) v TB

TY Hilton (+3.57) v TEN

Mike Evans (-3.74) v AZ

Jordy Nelson / Davante Adams (-5.44) v MIN

Pierre Garcon (-6.81) v WAS

No Halftime WR Challenges

I think this one is an auto-accept. Davante Adams came off a hit that made us fear for his life to have a huge game, including 2 TD’s in Week 5. The trouble is that this week he is facing a Minnesota secondary that has held Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, and Michael Thomas under their averages. So maybe you’re thinking “They’re the #1, Adams isn’t, Jordy is still there”. To that I would just say that last week Adams both out targeted and out snapped Jordy. ppr lineup tool week 6Maybe that was due to defensive scheme with the targets, or maybe Adams has quietly become the #1 in this offense. Also, the Vikings have squared off against the Lions who have another WR1A, WR1B type situation, although admittedly neither Green Bay WR is a good comp to Tate. In that game both Marvin Jones and Golden Tate had below average performances. I would temper expectations for Adams this week. Hilton on the other hand is facing a Tennessee that has allowed WR1 weeks to Deandre Hopkins, Allen Hurns, Amari Cooper, and Paul Richardson. Jacoby Brissett, while he is a Konami Code QB, has been good enough to support TY in WR1 weeks against Cleveland and San Francisco. I like his chances this week too

When I put this challenge out I’m hoping there are a few fans out there that haven’t quite let go of last year and the struggles Hopkins had with the infamous Brock Osweiler. Because if you’re paying attention, and you’ve seen the Texans play this year you know that the young and some would even say talented Deshaun Watson is a fan of what Hopkins brings to the field. ppr lineup tool week 6Deandre Hopkins is averaging 20 PPR points per game and facing Cleveland. To be honest, I think you could put anyone in the box next Hopkins and it would a contest. But, for the sake of not just lighting money on fire I’m going to put him up against Magic Mike who is facing an Arizona secondary that has shut WR1’s down. Alshon Jeffery, Dez Bryant, TY Hilton, Marvin Jones, and Pierre Garcon, not a one of them has hit their average performance against their Cardinals. And, in the Buccs offense there is little debate about who the weapon to take away would be. It’s going to be a quiet week for Magic Mike.

Streamers and Flyers


Deshaun Watson – if you’ve got him, this is definitely a week to play him. I would put him ahead of everything put the elites

Jacoby Brissett– The worst finish against the Titans for a QB was 16 points by Mr. Borles, on a Jaguars team that doesn’t have TY Hilton or a will to throw the ball

Josh McCown– I don’t really buy into “The Jets always play the Patriots tight” narrative, because I think that had a lot to do with Rex Ryan, but I do buy into the fact that the Patriots have made a QB1 out of every QB they’ve played. Even Cam Newton, he was outside of QB2 against the Saints


Ryan Griffin– He is a football player, and he is playing the Browns

Evan Engram– This probably isn’t as much of a stream as an “if you’ve got him’ but someone in this offense has to catch passes, even against Denver.

Eric Ebron– Because I refuse to accept the reality that he was out snapped by Darren Fells. This makes me so sad. They are playing the Saints, Gronk and Rudolph found success against them.

Denver TE- I’d probably lean AJ Derby who got 6 targets on 18 routes run (per


Desean Jackson– The Cardinals shut down #1’s, but not #2’s

Eric Decker– It’s about time this started to happen. Non -#1’s have been seeing decent action against IND

Robby Anderson – If McCown is going to be startable, there will have to be a weapon. New England is allowing a full 2 standard deviations above the mean to #2’s thanks to big games from Tyreek Hill and Brandon Coleman

Travis Benjamin – He’s not a bad #3 option and the Raiders don’t seem to have enough defense to cover all the weapons on the field. Robby Anderson, Rishard Matthews, and Corey Davis have gone for at least 12 PPR points facing Oakland

Kamar Aiken- Kamar has slid into the #2 role in this offense seeing more snaps and targets than Donte Moncrief. I’m just waiting for this to happen

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