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Points For Free – Week 8 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Let’s start by just saying that if Dwayne Allen is out, Jack Doyle may be your guy. I would take a serious look at him even with the poor matchup against Kansas City. They’ve held TE’s to a pretty dreadful 4.4 points per game, but Doyle is a necessary part of this offense. The Saints, Kansas City’s last opponent for example, can pretty easily just go elsewhere with the targets. I don’t see that Luck has that many options with Moncrief out and Dorsett faltering. Andrew Luck is dropping back almost 40 times a game, which means even a small piece of this very large pie could be worth having. If Dwayne Allen comes back I would probably put Jack back down near the end of this list.

Other than Doyle the Stream is pretty high this week. If you have Witten, Graham, Kelce, or Rudolph I’d keep them in. There are a lot out on bye, and if that’s the situation you’re in I don’t think we’ll be able to replace Gronkowski, but I can hopefully show the way to decent bye week production.



– Jacob Tamme –

It has been a quiet few weeks since the 8 targets of weeks one and two. But, the Falcons are no longer the Julio or bust team we remember. This year they have shown a willingness to adapt to what the defense is offering. The Packers have been weak against outside receivers, and are allowing 9 ppg to TE’s. They’ve also made it tough for opponents to run. If the Falcons are unable to get Freeman going they may look to establish the short passing game instead, enter Jacob Tamme.

While the target load, 3 in each of his last to games, isn’t really enough to sustain TE life he’s still a red zone target on a high-powered offense. Tamme has seen 11 red zone targets for 5 receptions and 3 TD’s this year which represents over ¼ of the team’s red zone targets. Matt Ryan is taking 6 red zone attempts per game. So, if he’s catching roughly one of 4, and Ryan is throwing 6, we’ve got a decent chance of winning the TE touchdown lottery. To sweeten the pot, the Falcons’ team total is expected to be 27.75, which is pretty juicy. It’s Jacob Tamme, I understand that he’s not terribly exciting and if this math was as concrete as I’d like it to be he’d be catching a TD every week, but I think he’s more likely than not to be worth a bye week add.


– CJ Fiedorowicz –

If 3 targets a game for Tamme doesn’t float your boat, CJ Fiedorowicz should be more of what you’re looking for. In terms of targets, after Rudolph, Graham, Witten, & Walker, it’s CJ. He has seen 7,7, & 8 targets in his last 3 games. CJ faces off against the Lions this week Facing Detroit who is allowing 12 fppg to TE’s, fewer than only two other teams. Recently Detroit has allowed 7.9 fantasy points to Vernon Davis, and 9.4 to Lance Kendricks.

On the down side Fiedorowicz is on one of the worst offenses in the league. His QB, Brock Osweiler is not taking a lot of shots in the red zone, and his chances of just being the big guy in the endzone are somewhat diminished. But, if the Lions have anything to say about it, it should be a fairly high scoring game. In the last three weeks in Lions games we have seen 37,59, and 47 points get scored. The Texans are bringing the 12th ranked defense in terms of DAVE, but the Eagles had a very hard time slowing down this Lions offense. I don’t think they’ll run wild against the Texans, but I think they can put enough pressure on Osweiler to make Fiedorowicz worth a shot. If Braxton Miller is limited in practice for most of the week, or is out, I would be pretty encouraged about CJ.


– Cameron Brate –

Targets have been down for Cameron since the high water mark of 10 in week 3, but with Jackson out there’s more market share to compete for week to week. Brate  has seen 6 red zone targets this year, with Winston dropping back for 5 red zone attempts per game. After Mike Evans, Brate is the next best end zone target on this team. With a team total of 25.25 the Bucs expect to be near the endzone often.

Taking a look at the opposition, Oakland allows 10 points per game to opposing TE’s. They’re aren’t really covering anyone that well, which means it’s probably a great week to start all your Buccaneers. On the plus side, there aren’t an abundance but there aren’t a lot of options in this option. Adam Humphries and Russell Shepard  have each  seen exactly 1 red zone target.  Last week against the Jags the Oakland defense looked improved. If the Raiders are turning a corner defensively it may be a disappointing week for this Harvard grad. I think it’s more likely that we still are overestimating the Jaguars offense. Jacksonville may be assuming Miami’s place as NFL victim.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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