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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 7 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Below the Stream

– Jesse James –

I’m not sure how the change at QB shakes out for this very touchdown dependent TE, but one of the benefits of streaming at TE is that we don’t have to wait around to see. Last year in games 4, 5, & 6, when Landry was filling in, Heath Miller saw 2,3, & 1 targets. That is less than promising. I think it’s completely reasonable to say that this offense will now be in the red-zone less. I’d just let him drop. I would feel better, at least in the short term, about any of these other options.




– Hunter Henry –

Hunter has looked really solid and he could explode. Philip Rivers is  accustomed to having a TE and is good enough at his job that he’ll make to those 2nd and 3rd reads to find Hunter. In addition this offense is missing Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson. Philip Rivers needs a target. As a result Hunter Henry has already seen 6 targets in the red zone. No NFL Quarterback has taken more attempts in the redzone that Philip Rivers. Looking at the entirety of the game  H. Henry was targeted 8 times, which he turned into 83 yds and a touchdown. At 13 yards a catch, Henry looks like he could have a pretty decent floor even when he isn’t able to find the endzone. The San Diego offense used both of these TE’s as an integral part of their offense’s ability to move the ball from stick to stick. Player Profller gives Henry a “Target Premium” of 46.3%, meaning that compared to other receivers on his team he is adding a lot of value to his targets. This is just further evidence that he should be able to give you something on a week-to-week basis. Antonio Gates is lurking, and I’d rather he not be. I think this coaching staff has a lot of respect for what he has contributed over the years, and I don’t think that they’ll let him just drop into the abyss. He’s still making a valuable contribution, even on regular downs in the the middle of the field. I don’t think that’s a death sentence for Henry. If he continues to make as much of what he is given, we may see the Chargers running more 2 TE sets or finding other ways to get Henry the ball. There are always targets for talented players. He appears to be that.

This week the Chargers face the Falcons in Atlanta. The Falcons have been relatively generous to TE’s allowing the 4th most points at 12.3 ppg (fftoday.com). The game has a lot of potential to be high scoring, although it’s most likely that the Falcons will be doing more than just their share. Still, the Chargers’ have bucked our game script expectations more than once this year already and I think leaning on a talented young player in a game that has potential is a good way to go.


– Vernon Davis –

Last week in the absence of Jordan Reed it was interesting to see that Vernon Davis was still targeted 4 times. As much as I do believe that Reed is a talented guy, it’s probably just as true that he benefits from a TE friendly system when even the back-up is startable.. If Reed is still dealing with concussion issues, and we certainly wish him the best, then Vernon could be a serviceable bye week fill in if you’re missing Olsen, Witten, or of course Reed. Davis was on the field for virtually all of the Redskins’ offensive snaps, and the only QB who is passing the ball more in the redzone than Captain Kirk is Rivers. That matters an awful lot when you might only catch two passes in a game.

To sweeten the pot, Washington will be playing against the Detroit Lions, who aren’t sure what a TE is. If Reed was coming to town I might expect them to actually pay attention to his presence, but I don’t expect that Vernon Davis garners the same respect. I’m not sure it would matter either way. The Lions just allowed 5 catches and a touchdown to Lance Kendricks. The  Redskins should be in scoring position a lot against a defense that is 26th against the pass and 31st against the pass, Davis could be the man


– Clay vs Fiedorowicz –

Clay is facing the more favorable opponent, as Miami is allowing 8.1 to TE’s. Fiedorowicz, on the other hand is facing Denver who is only allowing 6.8 fantasy points to the position. Clay is also on the field more than Fiedorowicz at 77% compared to 62%. Clay has seen more red zone targets (4 vs 3). And, that’s coming from a QB who doesn’t throw a lot in the red zone (2.3 RZ att per game v 6.7 RZ att per game), which also means that Clay has a much larger share of the red-zone targets.

I’m leaning Clay. I don’t think that the worst offense in the league in terms of DAVE, (Houston) is going to score a lot of points against Denver, the #4 defense in the league. Give me Charles Clay please, even in a run heavy, slow paced offense. He doesn’t need a lot to make it work here. Bills v Dolphins is a divisional matchup, which makes me think that nobody really runs wild. I think the Dolphins will end up looking like the Dolphins pre-Steelers upset. The Bills offense isn’t exactly teeming with pass catching weapons, and they might be missing LeSean McCoy to boot. I like Mike Gillslee, but I don’t think a fill in at RB is a bad a thing for Clay. Even a slight shift in the red-zone play calling could mean quite a bit for the fantasy day of this TE.



Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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