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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 6 DST Streamers

Fantasy Football Week 6 DST Stremers

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Under the Stream D/ST: Kansas City

Still owned in above 50% of ESPN leagues, we find the Chiefs. I’m not going to try to make the case that they’re a bad unit. They may be a top 10 squad, but this is neither the time or the place to play them. The Raiders have caused opposing defenses to score 2.6 points below their average according to the Harris Index. With an average of 8.3, you’re looking at 5.7 from the Chiefs this week. Admittedly, that’s sort of a dumb, completely number based projection, but I think it lends a little credibility to the point that you can find better elsewhere. I would play either of these teams over them, because to be perfectly honest after watching what Pittsburgh did to the Chiefs I don’t like their chances in Oakland.


Tennessee against Cleveland

Last week may have been the first week we actually got to see what the brainchild of Mike Mularkey was meant to be. For the Titans defense, it means minimal exposure while the offense slowly and methodically grinds down the field. We also got an idea of what that system requires to be successful. The answer is not a high scoring, come from behind game script. It is a really weak opponent like Miami. And who do the Titans play this week, the Browns. The Browns’ defense is 29th and their offense is ranked 28th (bit in terms of DVOA from footballoutsiders.com). While Tennessee isn’t blowing anybody’s (except Miami’s) socks off, they’re a fair bit better than the Browns.

The Titans are also at home and favored, which is where we want our streaming defenses. It gets better, heir opponent’s implied team total is below 20 at 19.5. The Browns have given only given  up about 5.4 fantasy points per game to defenses, and Kessler has only thrown one interception. This is really a floor play. If you feel like you can carry your matchup and need a defense to just hold its own, the is one from the trash heap that isn’t likely to burn you.

Steelers @ Miami

Ryan Tannehill…. enough said? The Steelers will of course be favored in this game, even though it is being played in Miami. In fact, the home team Dolphins are barely expected to score 20 (20.25) points in a 48 point game. Although we are bad at predicting game script, I’m finding it hard not to indulge. The line suggests that the Steelers will be up, and that puts Tannehil lin the pocket. In Tannehill’s game against the Browns at home, although he did manage over 300 yards, he also threw 2 picks and fumbled the ball. The Cleveland defense escaped that game with 10 points. The Tennessee Titans’ defense was able to keep 8 points, and Pittsburgh is objectively a better defense although they do play a completely different style of game. I’m just not sure that giving Tannehill more time of possession in a deficit isn’t actually a bigger problem for his team. The Dolphins offensive line is the worst in the league in terms of pass protection DVOA, giving up an adjusted sack rate of 8.3%. They’re likely to be in situations where there is no doubt in the defensive line’s mind that they’ll be in passing mode. This play, I would say, has a little more opportunity of becoming a boom play.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

Follow him now & hit him up for more advice, he has plenty to go around!

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