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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 5 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Here are my weekly recommendations for startable QB’s you can probably find on your waiver wire, and one higher owned player I would sit instead.


Under the Stream: Matt Stafford

If you have Stafford I would think long and hard about whether or not he is your best option this week. The last time Stafford was at home he put up 260 yards, a TD, and an INT, against a Titans defense that is middle of the road. He’ll be facing an Eagles defense that absolutely shut down the Steelers, albeit in Philadelphia. He’s coming off of a game where he didn’t have a lot of success against a poor Bears defense. I wouldn’t sell Stafford off, just recognize that this is what he is. He is a matchup dependent spot start QB, and this isn’t the spot.

– Flacco vs WAS –

The Ravens, after being the offseason mystery confounding the most fantasy owners and analysts, has turned out to be a decent team. They are now 3-1 after losing a very exciting game to Oakland, and what could be the best offense in the league. Flacco’s passing game weapons are still evolving. Smith is showing flashes of the old Steve Smith, Perriman might actually be the best receiver on the team, and Mike Wallace is contributing at a level beyond what my expectations were. The biggest problem I see is that there isn’t a great red-zone target for Flacco. And this far, touchdowns have been what lacked on his fantasy score-card. Last week he ran one in, which is nice, and Steve Smith ran in a long one. We may have to see more of that. Besides TE’s there aren’t a lot of big, go up and get it targets for Flacco.

Facing Washington in Baltimore, Flacco looks promising. So far the Redskins have allowed decent outings to every QB they’ve faced except Kessler. And to be fair, Kessler had 223 yards and a TD (and an INT). That’s not terrible for such a green QB. Flacco is capable of much more. The Redskins have allowed opponents to score 38, 27, & 27. According to Football Outsiders Washington is a bottom 3rd defense. Vegas puts the over under at 46.5, which I like because Cousins may put some pressure on the Ravens offense ( like the Raiders did). The Ravens implied team total is 25, and if that’s the way this game goes it’ll be lowest scoring game featuring Washington so far this year. One of the best things about this pick is that there are a number of different game scripts that make Flacco valuable. In an offense where he’s throwing not only the 3rd most attempts, but also the 3rd most deep balls I feel pretty good about Flacco in my lineup.

– Wentz @ DET –

Carson Wentz is back! With Ryan now above 50% ownership I feel like this is the new drum to beat. There will be bumps along the way, but I’m more excited about Carson than most of the streamable options. Wentz is connected to some things that makes his role in life a lot easier. For one the Eagles have a great defense. I don’t think we’ll see very many opponents get way out ahead of the Eagles, which allows Wentz to play a more balanced game against honest defenses, as opposed to Safeties who know the Eagles are throwing and Defensive linemen with their ears pinned back in the pass rush. For two the O-Line is ranked as the 8th best by playerprofiler, and they have the 5th most favorable schedule.

This week he is in Detroit, and to cut to the chase he didn’t put up great numbers is his last road game. But in the Eagles’ week 2 blowout of the Bears, there wasn’t a big need for Wentz to exert a game winning effort. I don’t like that he is on the road but if we look at the Lions last home game, we see that the Lions also played host to Marcus Mariota’s best game of the season. The only QB who hasn’t taken advantage of the Raiders secondary, was able to make a living against the Lions. The Detroit defense is the worst pass defense in the league and not much better against the run. The fact that the Eagles are on the road is really the only wart on this matchup. The over under is high enough at 46 and even being in the road the Eagles are favored by 3. It checks all the other boxes

Last ditch, oh crap, Drew Brees is on a bye, start

– Hoyer vs IND –

In Hoyer’s 2 starts for the Bears this year, he’s been over 300 and thrown 2 TD’s in both. He hasn’t even a thrown a pick yet. Between adding Hoyer, and Howard, it seems like all of a sudden there are usable pieces in this offense besides Alshon Jeffery. I feel like I know Hoyer well enough to say that over the long haul, he’s going to make you hate him, but this is like Hoyer honeymoon. Everything is great. Have your fun before the Hoyer hangover sets in, probably in week 7 against Green Bay if he’s still starting at that point.

Week 5 finds Hoyer and Da’Bears traveling to Indianapolis to face off against the 29th ranked passing defense according to footballoutsiders.com. They haven’t really shut anyone down, allowing big games from Stafford and Bortles. And, although Rivers didn’t throw for a touchdown against them he did throw for 330 yds. The Bears are not favored to win in this road game, but I like Hoyer’s chances of being serviceable in a game of keep-up with the Colts. And, interestingly enough, Hoyer has been making good statistical totals on lower team point totals. The Bears have only been scoring 17 points a game with him under center, but he’s still making the 300 yard mark. This offense is pass centric, and Hoyer benefits. I don’t see any reason why the Colts would be the team to change that.

– Tannehill v TEN –

Unlike the extremely inhospitable situation Tannehill found himself in last week, week 5 puts Tannehill back at home and favored to win the game. In Tannehill’s only home game he threw for 319 yards and 3 TD’s (and 2 picks and a fumble) Tennessee’s defense is much better than the Browns, especially against the run. The Dolphins are rated as a middle of the road rush offense, which I think is charitable, although they have already faced the Seahawks, Patriots, and Bengals. The Dolphins are not likely to have any success moving the ball on the ground, but as I said earlier they at home and favored by 3.5. The game is not likely to be a shootout with an over under of 43.5. If you’re really desperate, Sunday at 11:50 Tannehill checks some of the boxes.

Keep an eye on Paxton Lynch

Like Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch is connected to things like a great defense and a strong line that make Denver a great place to learn to be an NFL QB. It will be interesting, if Lynch gets the start, to see how much of the Denver play calling has been Denver and how much has been Siemian. I have to believe Denver will still be a run first team. I would really like to see Lynch take some shots down field and show us some mobility. If this seed takes root he could be in a really great spot, or he could be Siemian 2.0.

The Broncos are favored at home and facing an offense in the Falcons that could force Lynch to do more than hand it off and check it down. I’m eager to see what he’s got.



Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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