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Points For Free – Week 4 DST Streamers

Fantasy Football Week 4 DST Stremers

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


The week 3 DST picks went a little sideways. Cleveland is starting to look like a team that has a competent head coach and isn’t going to be an unconditional target. Kirk Cousins righted the ship and put together a solid game against the NYG defense. The best pick of the week would’ve been the Bills against AZ. They’ll be going to NE this week, and the Pats just made a respectable Houston defense look inept with a 3rd string QB, so I’m not going there. If you’re making any trades this week I’d try to get a DST with a decent match-up thrown in. The Cardinals have a great match-up against LA at home. Minnesota, I think, will be able to stop the Giants. It’s a little rough out there this week.


The Titans have yet to be a part of a really high scoring game, even against teams that seem not to mind a shootout. In week 2 the Lions only put up 15, and in week 3 the Raiders had 17 points. The Texans are coming off of a shutout, and while I can’t quite wrap my head around why this Houston offense isn’t scoring points with the weapons they have, they just aren’t. The easiest answer is Osweiler, and it might be the right one. He seems to be connected to everything it should take, a defense, a running game, & passing weapons. I don’t think Brock is streamable right now. He has thrown more picks than TD’s and every pick is a potential defensive TD, which is why you’re finding him in the DST article instead of the QB article.

Because it is a game the Titans will be playing in, the over under is set at a paltry 40.5 points. Houston is favored to win with a total of 23 to the Titans 17. It seems like a reasonable line to me, but I’m hoping for the under. The Titans’ games this far have hit 27, 31 and 41 combined points. The Titans are also not allowing much to the RB, at only 9.4 fantasy ppg, which leaves it up to Brock.


Dallas is another low owned defense that seems to be able to things from getting away from them. They are a team that likes to possess the ball and engineer long drives predicated on the run and short passes from Dak to Beasley and Witten, giving Elliot a steady work-load. In their 3 weeks they’ve kept CHI to 17, WAS to 23, and the Giants to 20. None of those are particularly stifling, but it’s not disgusting. We are in the defensive trash pile here. The Cowboys defense is only giving up the 10th most points, and they’re playing the 49ers whose points have been garbage time stat padding. I don’t think the Cowboys will get way out in front of the 49ers, and that’ll affect the defense SF sees late in the game.

We expect to see 44 points scored in this game, only 20.5 of which belonging to the home team 49ers. This is a floor play. Honestly, I think the Cowboys DST will hold on and give you high single digits. If you’re just looking for a play that’ll hold the line this could be your game.


I like what I’ve seen from the Philadelphia Eagles defense. Just to be clear, they’re on bye in week 4, don’t go get them now. But, I’m eager to see what they’ll do against DET. The Lions aren’t the typical offense I’d like to pick on, but neither are the Steelers and if you played the Eagles against them you looked like a genius. As much fun as it is to dumpster dive and pick out a winner, it’s really about getting a good play at low or no real cost and the Eagles look like a defense that will soon be higher owned. Again, they’re not good enough for me to want to carry them through a bye, but they’re looking like a Streaming University graduate.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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