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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 3 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


– Dennis Pitta –

I love that this is happening. Dennis Pitta is back. Of the low owned TE’s I haven’t come across another guy who is drawing in as many targets as Mr. Pitta. The best thing is that these are not the typical check down to the TE targets. Last week on 12 targets and 9 receptions Pitta racked up 102 yards (11 yards per catch). The list of TE’s who can turn in a good day without getting into the end-zone is pretty short, and he is on it. Pitta, thus far, has been able to sneak up field and find space. Now let’s be clear, he’s not going to do much with that space. He’s going to catch the ball, run 5 yards, and then he may be caught by a defensive lineman. But, he’s finding space. The nature of this Ravens offense and the way that they spread it around  seems to be working in his favor.

This week he faces the Jacksonville Jaguars and while the Jags haven’t been allowing a lot of points to the TE, I just don’t think that Pitta is what a defense should choose to scheme away. The game is a 47 point over under, and there’s no spread, it’s a pick’em game. I love it for Pitta, I think he continues to have a role in Baltimore.

– Kyle Rudolph –

While it is a tough match-up for the Vikings, Carolina has not been terribly tough against the TE, allowing 9.1 PPG. Despite the unfortunate instability at QB in MIN, Rudolph continues to draw 8 targets a game. Unlike Pitta however, these do seem to be the typical check downs and Rudolph only compiled 31 yards with those targets. He’s not a terribly exciting play, but with Adrian Peterson out, we are all left guessing about what this offense may be. My best guess, and hope, is that it opens up and becomes an offense that is willing to pass the ball. This would increase the slice of the pie Rudolph is sitting down to. He isn’t blowing my socks off, but 8 targets a game and staying on the field for 92% of the snaps makes me think he’s just the kind of unexceptional guy you might want not losing the week for you at TE.

– Jordan Cameron –

If you read the streaming QB article, you have a pretty good idea of where I’m going with this pick. The Dolphins offense could be on the field for an inordinate amount of time against the Browns who are now basically without a credible QB. It would be great if Kessler comes out and grabs the dragon by the tail, but it’s very unlikely. Honestly, I’d love to see it happen. The NFL is more exciting with unexpected stars like Carson Wentz on the scene. The most likely scenario is that the Dolphins are playing with lead for a big part of the game. Remember this was the same team that refused to let Lamar Miller have 20 carries a game. I don’t believe that even with a lead they’ll resort to salting the game away with carry after carry. Attempts should still be there.

Cameron hauled in 7 targets, catching 5, and ending up with 7 yards per target. The targets are great, but the yardage is pretty unexceptional. He’s probably going to need to get in the end-zone to really be viable. On the bright side the Dolphins are expected to score around 25 points, so he should get an opportunity. It’ll also help that he’s on the field for over 90% of snaps, which is fantastic. The opposition is giving up the 9th most points to the position at 9.7 per game. It’s not a guarantee, but if you’re combing through free-agency for a fill in TE, you could do a lot worse.

– Jesse James –

A lot of the things that make Jesse James an attractive fantasy play don’t have much to do with him. You’re buying into a part of the offense that has the 4th most points and the 8th most yards. In two weeks of real football Ben has racked up 6 passing touchdowns, the most in the league. More over, per player profiler.com James gets a 37.5% red zone target share. There will be a lot of weeks when James is a great option for just those reasons. That’s not say that Jesse James is an unattractive player. His 6’7” frame on a team where the very talented WR1 is 5’10” is appreciated.

In week 3 the Steelers will be facing Philadelphia, who seems to be thriving under their new coach and an emergent rookie QB. The over under is 46 and the Steelers are expected to win by 3.5 making their implied  total about 25. That sounds conservative considering what I’ve seen from the Steelers. The Philadelphia Eagles defense has been good enough so far, but they’ve played the Browns and the Bears. This will be a tougher task. To make a long story short, I think the team will do enough to make their TE’s day interesting.

Honorable Mention

– Jacob Tamme –

I love the match-up against the Saints. I like the fact that he’s gotten 8 targets in the last two games. I’m concerned about Hooper. It was just a whopping 3 targets last game, but he turned them into 84 yards. If this is Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener in Falcons’ uniforms, I don’t really want Dwayne. I think Hooper may really cap the upside of a guy like Tamme who would be otherwise useful. Wait and see with this one.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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