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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 3 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


These 5 represent the 5 best QB’s for week 3 that are on the waiver wire in the majority of ESPN leagues (over 50%). They are in order from what I’d consider to be the best for the week, to the worst. While by no means do I expect them to be top 5 on the week, you might be surprised by how many post a 12 number in a good matchup.


– Matt Ryan –

Last week’s QB 2 overall is available in over 50% of ESPN Leagues. That alone really isn’t enough to stream him, but if you’ve followed Matt Ryan for very long, you know he’s not a high week to week variance guy. He’s very consistent. The trouble last year was that he was consistently mediocre. This year he has posted games of 24.4 and 27.8 fantasy points, and I don’t know about you but I’d have been better off starting him so far. His Falcons will be traveling to New Orleans. Vegas thinks the Falcons and Saints put together 54 points. Although they favor the Saints by just 3 points, this shapes up nicely for Ryan whose team implied total is 25.5pts. If the Falcons are forced to score points, and against Brees’ Saints at home that seems likely, they’ll be going to the air.

The Falcons have run 38.5 pass plays per game, including 13 redzone attempts for Mr. Matt Ryan. While he does have a propensity to throw it to the wrong team in that part of the field, it may have something to do with how much he’s throwing down there. I was surprised to find out that the Saints are only giving up 19.8 ppg to opposing QB’s. This is at least partially explained by the fact that they’re giving up 24.5 to opposing RB’s. Against a team with a more traditional running game, this might suck points away from the QB, but the Falcons running game best suits the pass catching back. They’re not handing it off to L. Blount to run clock. If you play Ryan it won’t matter if it’s Coleman or Freeman’s catching it, it all starts with him.

– Ryan Tannehill –

Last week in a tough matchup against the Patriots, Tannehill managed to put up a very respectable 389 yds and 2TDs. He was playing from behind for basically the entire game, taking 40+ attempts, but still having to take those attempts against a New England Patriots defense. This week, he plays the Browns who are now starting Cody Kessler at QB. I’m willing to bet that at least once Tannehill faces a short field as a result of a Browns turnover.

Something that I think often gets overlooked with Tannehill is the fact that he runs the ball. Currently he’s 3rd in the league for rushing yards at his position, and first in red zone carries for a QB. Potentially without Arian Foster, I’m as willing to bet that Tannehill gets a chance at goal line work as any of the remaining RB’s. It may be a pass, but he gets points for that too. Far from a QB who is dependent on the run Tannehill is currently a top 10 QB in terms of yards per attempt (and fantasy points per game for that matter). Let’s not lose sight of the forest through the trees. He’s playing the Browns, whoare very likely to have little to no offense with Kessler at the helm.

– Joe Flacco –

While this 5 headed receiving monster isn’t making fantasy gold out of any of the Ravens pass catchers, it suits Flacco just fine. He has some credible weapons. Mike Wallace is running, and getting open, on routes besides the 9. Steve Smith may just catch the ball and fall down, but he’s catching it. Dennis Pitta attracted 12 targets running up and down the field with your grandmother’s hips. In addition, this Ravens team is attempting 41.5 pass plays per game (player profiler) and I don’t think he’ll fail to meet that against the Jags. The Jags thus far have allowed 26.7 points per game to opposing QB’s (Rodgers and Rivers). Vegas says 47.5 points and doesn’t even bother to favor the home Jags at the moment this article is being written. Smells like paydirt to me.

– Dak Prescott –

Dak has the Bears at home in week 3. Things have been trending upward for this young starter and after targeting Dez 7 times in the last game, it feels as though we may be ready to get the premier red zone target back into the game plan. Dak has had the 9th most redzone attempts through two games, so there seems to be a real chance that we finally see these two make it happen. It’s also interesting to see that despite the fact that giving Elliot his workload has certainly been a part of the game plan, Dak has dropped back 30 and 45 times in the first two games. The volume of opportunity seems to be there. And don’t forget that he ran one in last week against the Redskins. While he hasn’t really made a lot of use of it yet, we saw in the preseason that Dak can run the read option. As this young QB develops I’m hoping to see more of the Cowboys playbook.

In week 3 he will be facing a Bears team that hasn’t just rolled over for opposing QB’s, but also hasn’t shut anybody down. If Cutler isn’t good to go, that could affect their offense’s ability to stay on the field, giving the Cowboys more of the clock. Vegas likes the Cowboys’ chances in this game as well and gives a 45.5 over under with the home Cowboys favored to win by 4.5. That puts the Cowboys implied team total around 27 points. Things are trending upward for Dak. I would monitor the Bears situation with Cutler through the week. I like Dak either way.

– Brock Osweiler –

On its face, starting Osweiler against the Patriots may seems like the opposite of what we’re looking for in a streaming QB. However, the Patriots QB situation can currently be summed up by this tweet:

Points For Free

Combine that with the fact that it’s a Thursday night game, and I think I just want shares in the other offense, who will undoubtedly be on the field for a fair amount of time after NE struggles to sustain a drive. I don’t know what Belichick will do in this situation, but I’m willing to bet we find out how many times Blount can carry the ball in a game. This ghost of a NE offense will be facing a Texans defense that’s no joke. I think they’ll help their offense out if they aren’t scoring too many points on their own.

To talk more about the Texans’ side of the ball, things are trending upward for this Houston offense. While Osweiler hasn’t yet posted QB1 numbers he has been fairly productive with 231 and 268 yds in his first two games. While the Texans are a run heavy team they’re also a very high paced team, which has allowed Osweiler over 30 attempts in each game this season. Combine all of that with the fact that Osweiler is getting the 5th most red zone passing attempts (14) and I think he’s worth a shot if the first 4 players on this list aren’t available.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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