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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 2 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Week 2 will hopefully be a little kinder to the TE than its predecessor, and a number of interesting opportunities pop up. I think it’s worth mentioning that with TE, it’s going to get a lot tougher to stream as the year goes on. Players who prove themselves to have a certified part of their offense will soon find a roster spot. If you’re willing to consider taking a TE that has some potential of becoming a week to week guy, even if this week doesn’t look great, could be a wise move. Much like QB, I’ve put some of the key criteria for each player next to their names, and discuss the snap count and targets for each one.


Eric Ebron – DET

Week 2 Opp TEN: allowed 6.5 to Rudolph

47 point over under, 5.5 point favorites

26.75 Implied Team total

On an offense where Stafford was able to spread the ball around, Ebron was still targeted 5 times and caught all 5 of them for 46 yds and a TD. While there there are a out of mouths to feed, I like the guy who catches 100% of his targets.That level of efficiency can’t really be expected week in and week out, but it’s a great start. He was also on the field for over 90% of offensive snaps, which gives him the potential to continue to get a healthy number of targets. In week 2 he’ll be facing the Titans who weren’t able to get much going last week offensively. Honestly, the offense’s major contribution to the game was the turnovers they committed. We can’t count on that either going forward, but it certainly isn’t a negative for opponents. The Lions offense figures to make multiple trips to the red zone with the their 26.75 point implied team total, and lacks a goal line back. While Marvin Jones will certainly compete for end zone looks, Ebron is a factor. Defenses will have their hands full trying to scheme away the short pass to Tate, the post to Jones, the dump off to Riddick, and the underneath route to Ebron. While he is admittedly a little touch down dependent at 5 targets, I’m still liking my chances with Ebron better than the field.

Dennis Pitta – BAL

Week 2 Opp CLE: allowed 5.8 to Ertz

42.5 point over under, 6.5 point favorites

24.5 point implied team total

After an off and pre-season of not knowing who would emerge as a starter this Ravens stable of TE’s (and RB’s for that matter) we finally have some real information. Pitta was on the field for 82% of snaps, leaving Gilmore and Crockett far behind. Pitta was only targeted 4 times in this outing but his catches were not the typical dump off to the tight end. On only 3 catches he had 39yds, about 13yds per reception. I like TE who plays for a big-armed, high volume QB with the ability to sneak up the seam. Not the least factor in this consideration is the fact that the Ravens play week 2 at Cleveland. I expect a big week out of Flacco, and I think Pitta gets to go along for the ride. We can wonder if he’ll continue to get the lion’s share of snaps, but I think it’s smarter to trust what we actually saw in week 1 than stick to what we think should be or saw last year. They were putting the TE on the field that they felt gave them the best chance of winning and I think they’ll continue to do so.

Dwayne Allen IND

Week 2 Opp DEN: allowed 10.5 to Olsen

46 point over under, 6 point underdogs

26.75 Implied Team total 20

The matchup is daunting. While the Broncos did give up 10.5 to Olsen without a touchdown, I’m not sure we can really compare these two players. I’m unsure of what to expect as far as game script, but if I’m scheming an offense to stop the Colts I’m probably not preoccupied with Dwayne Allen. His production is likely to come as a biproduct of a good offense that is frequently in the redzone, and redzone targets. While the Colts implied team total is only 20, Allen only needs one TD to make himself relevant.

One thing that I’m not crazy about with Allen is the fact that he’s only on the field for about 70% of offensive snaps and Jack Doyle was on for 55%. We’re seeing a fair amount of double TE sets, where at least in theory the targets could go either way. Allen, I think, is still the primary redzone TE, despite the fact that Doyle caught 2 TD’s in week 1. This is a good offense, I don’t think we should be put off by the idea that more than 1 TE might be relevant. Allen’s day was still fine. I also think that of the low owned TE’s, he represents one of the better opportunities to get off the stream and just start Allen week to week.


Honorable mentions:

Jesse James PIT. He’s going to continue to have a chance as long as this Steelers offense is potent. The more questions there are about who really will be the WR2 on this team, the better of James is. There is a lot of fantastic talent on this team, but having the big frame to target is still a valuable commodity.

Clive Walford OAK. His Raiders face the Falcons and Carr should get a chance to air it out again. I’m not sure this rookie TE has carved out a role. It’s hard to contribute as a rookie in this position.

Virgil Green DEN. If the Colts offense is able to put Trevor Siemian in a position where he has to throw the ball, Green could benefit. I don’t like what Siemian has shown so far. I saw a lot of panic throws under pressure. That’s why I’m not higher on Green

Kyle Rudolph MIN. He was targeted 8 times last week. That’s pretty fantastic. The trouble is we don’t have any consistently at QB to make us feel like that could be a stable thing. Still, he had 4 catches for 65 yds. If you’re desperate there are more foolish moves than chasing targets.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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