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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 2 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Whether this is your season long plan, or you’re looking for a fill-in because Russell Wilson’s ankle is sprained there are serviceable QB’s available in your league. All of these players are available in over 50% of ESPN leagues. My criteria are listed by each player’s name, but are only guidelines. I’m looking for players with a high over under who are favored to win their game. Being at home is preferred. Playing a weak secondary is absolutely essential. The skill of said quarterback is where we are willing to compromise. There’s a reason these guys are available. Nevertheless, last year 40 different QB’s posted a top 12 week. Someone on this list will make it, hopefully more than one. My top 5 recommendations follow from 1 to 5.


Matt Ryan

Week 2 Opp OAK: Allowed 31.4 to Brees

Over Under 48.5, 5pt underdogs

Implied Team Total 21.5

This is low-hanging fruit, as Ryan is sitting just below the 50 percent ownership line. If your QB has a tough game in week 2, it’s worth a check to see if Matt Ryan is available.

If you started Matt Ryan last week, you’re probably feeling pretty good about his performance with 334 yds and 2 TDs. This week he travels to Oakland, who wasn’t able to keep Drew Bree’s from throwing for 400 yds and 4 TD’s. I wouldn’t project that line for the Falcons, but it should be a good week. Ryan doesn’t quite have the weapons, outside of Julio, but Sanu looked like he’ll play an important role. If Matt Ryan has shown us anything over his career, it’s that he’s consistent. Last year his home/ road splits were only separated by 2 points. He’s a high floor play. I think there’s almost no chance he gets north of 25 points, but the floor is probably 17. If you’re looking for a play with a little more upside, see the second man on this list.

Joe Flacco

Week 2 Opp @CLE: Allowed 19.2 to Wentz

Over Under 43.5, 6pt favorites

Implied team total 24.75

Flacco and the Ravens will be visiting Cleveland, who’ll be welcoming them with open arms. Being the team that put Carson Wentz on the map, I have to think Trestman and Flacco are ready to start carving this secondary up. The connection between Mike Wallace and Flacco looked promising in week 1, but Joe Flacco did a pretty good job of spreading it around. Even rookie Chris Moore hauled in a catch. Dennis Pitta seemed to be in the right place and was targeted 4 times, racking up 39 yds. Hopefully the Ravens won’t get too far out over their skis looking forward to this matchup. Flacco has the potential to be great for a series and then in the next instant the deep ball that was on a rope to Wallace is in the next zip code, or in the hands of the defense. Flacco was one of the worst in the league in terms of interceptions per attempt throwing 1 in about every 30 throws, but this is a solid opportunity to buck that trend.

Carson Wentz

Week 2 Opp CHI: Allowed 16.6 to Osweiler

Over Under 43, 3pt underdogs

Implied team total 20

After what I judged to be an unimpressive preseason showing, Carson Wentz came out and lit the world on fire in week 1. Long pinpoint passes were the thing I’ll remember from this game. There were still a couple that sailed away, but I don’t think anybody could’ve asked him to do much more. In week 2 Wentz and his Eagles will face the Bears. I really expected Brock Osweiler to have the performance of the week against this Bears secondary that is already having trouble keeping starters available and healthy. So, either Brock isn’t quite what I thought or the Bears defense punches a little above their weight. Either way, here we go again.

The Eagles should be able to rush against the Bears, as did the Texans. Perhaps to a lesser extent but it should be enough to set up the deep ball game we saw from Wentz in week 1. My honest evaluation of the Bears defense in week 1 is that the opportunities to beat them were there and the Texans didn’t quite capitalize. I don’t think the Eagles bring the same caliber of offense, but I feel like they’re playing closer to potential, which is an amazing thing when you consider that these are all pieces that have just been put together. The glue is still wet

Josh McCown

Week 2 Opp BAL: Allowed 17.9 to Taylor

Over Under 45, 6pt underdogs

Implied team total 18.75

I can’t help but look back to 2015, week 5 at BAL. McCown threw for 457 yds and 2 TD’s, 38 fantasy points. Then he played them again in week 12, and threw for 212 yards and 1TD, for 15.8 fantasy points. That gives us an idea about  the range of outcomes. Since then, the Browns have added Hue Jackson, and figure to be a little more run heavy, but I don’t see this as a problem for McCown. A run game, or at least a viable threat of a run game should open doors for McCown. Compared to the last time McCown, or Captain America as I like to call him, took the field the Browns weapons are much improved. I don’t mean to throw mud in the eye of Brian Hartline, but I’ve pretty much already put Terrelle Pryor’s yellow jacket in the mail.

Jay Cutler

Week 2 Opp PHI: Allowed 9.3 to Griffin

Over Under 43, 3pt favorites

Implied team total 23

If you’re digging this deep, into match-ups that are not so favorable, it becomes more important to lean on the talent of the QB. I think Cutler is the level of talent that can be very good with great guidance (Adam Gase). But, promoting an OC from within doesn’t signal a departure from Gase’s system in my mind. Perhaps more importantly, all of Cutler’s targets are currently healthy. Alshon looked fantastic in week 1. The Bears’ defense didn’t look half bad defending some very good weapons in Houston. I don’t want this to become too flowery. They’re the 5th pick out a group of guys that are mostly unowned. Proceed at your own peril.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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