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Points For Free – Week 12 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


– Will Tye v CLE –

Will Tye has seemingly supplanted Mr. Donnell, who was a healthy scratch in week 11. I feel like the fantasy community has been screaming for this for about a year, and it may finally be happening. He saw 5 targets in that week and didn’t have much in the way of yardage, but did catch a TD. I still like the 5 targets because it just indicates involvement, even if it doesn’t translate to a lot yards in this case. In week 12, he sees the Cleveland defense, who is the worst in the league by DVOA against TE’s. This is the team that made Jason Witten look like there was still cartilage between any of his joints. Their fantasy points against are  a little deceptive because they’re giving up TE yards to multiple TE’s in a game, so none of them are having just huge games. The Giants TE workload is no longer as divided as a lot of teams. Last week the snaps were 52-17 between Tye and Jarell Adams, who isn’t really getting targeted. It’s his job, he gets to soak up all of this Browns awfulness. According to the Harris Index, TE’s are getting an extra 2.7 points when they face the Browns, but again that’s because a large amount of work is being divided. Not so with the Giants. There are some stars on this team that Will will be competing with, but against the Browns, it’s reasonable to see everyone be profitable.

On the other side of the ball Josh McCown will be under center, or so we are told. I think this means that the Browns may actually offer more of an offensive pace for the Giants to keep up with. I’d rather see this game be high scoring than see the Giants get up by a huge margin and salt the rest of the game away. McCown throwing the ball could also mean turnovers and short fields/ extra possessions and red zone opportunities for Tye. It’s all good, I want all the Will Tye.

– CJ Fiedorowicz v San Diego –

Isn’t it agonizing to see the wrong TE on a team catch a TD? The truth is that every team in the NFL has these extra pieces, and occasionally the ball finds its way into their hands. If you take a look at the targets he’s getting them. Fiedorowicz has seen 10, 5, and then 7,7,7 in as many games. He’s the opposite of touchdown dependent with those numbers and he’s available in close to 70% of leagues. He’s also productive with the opportunities he’s given and has a Production Premium stat of +4.5, which is tough to find in the low ownership universe.

 In recent TE history against the Chargers we have seen Virgil Green, Jacob Tamme, and Delanie Walker be fantasy relevant. Fiedorowicz is more involved in his offense than any of those save Delanie.The real issue, if there is one with CJ, is the fact that he’s in an offense that we might want to call “not good”. Hopefully the Chargers will be able to lend a hand to that problem as well, and allow Brock to see some short field situations. I’m also recommending the Texans DST, and if that goes the way I expect it to it should be good for CJ as well. To circle back a bit, it’s about the targets. Even though things didn’t go CJ’s way last week I wouldn’t be afraid to give him a start.

– Lance Kendricks v NO –

It’s probably becoming a bit transparent that I’m just going to write up Kendricks any time he’s in anything resembling a good matchup. There are reasons to like him outside of my affinity for low owned TE’s. For one he’s one the field quite a bit at 87% of his team’s offensive snaps. Although I have recently heard Jared Goff be described as the “32nd QB I’d start out of 32” on the 2QB Experience podcast, Kendricks was targeted 7 times by Goff in the Rams loss against the Dolphins. In that game he had the second most receptions on the team. If Goff starts to find his way in this offense we’ll probably start to see more of at least an intermediate pass game develop. Until then Kendricks could be pretty involved.

Against the Saints I think we’re going to see a lot of short passing and as much Gurley as humanly possible. But, they can’t run the ball on every down. The Rams are going to have to do some things to unstack the box. The saying goes that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When all your QB can do is throw 5 yard pass, Kendricks may look like a good option on a lot of those plays. The Saints have allowed opposing TE’s to do more damage against them than they usually do, scoring 2.2 fantasy points above their average (non-ppr). He might not score a lot of touchdowns, because it isn’t likely that the Rams will be near the end-zone very often and when they are it’ll be Gurley the majority of the time. But, if Kendricks is going to get 7 targets a week there’s going to be a floor there without a TD, especially in ppr settings. The real limit on this player is a lack of production in this offense as a whole. I think there’s a chance that if Goff can get his feet under him he can give this offense something of a boost. There’s a pretty good history of NFL debut QB’s playing terribly, and Goff played his first game in the rain. In the end, I don’t think I need to be a Goff apologist in order to suggest that Kendricks can be viable. In the TE world the talent disparity between players (whose names aren’t Rob Gronkowski or Jordan Reed) is pretty slim. What that means is that opportunity in the form of targets are pretty much king. 8,9,12,2, & 7 targets in his last 5 games make me feel that there’s a low chance of Kendricks giving you a goose egg.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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