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Points For Free – Week 12 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Tyrod Taylor didn’t live up to expectations. Watching the game it seemed to me that the Bills were able to get away with a very conservative game plan with running plays getting chunks of yards. Tyrod had a deep pick, a rushing TD called back on a holding penalty, and missed an open receiver deep. The potential for a much bigger game was there, but after AJ went out and the Bills found an early lead, they seemed pretty content to just grind it out.

On the other hand Kaepernick seems to be an early Christmas present to QB streamers that couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ll get more into Kaepernick shortly, but I’ll say that he’s become the clear cut #1 choice for me until we see some evidence to the contrary. Even if he doesn’t have a big game in Miami, I’m holding on to see what he can do against Chicago and Atlanta.


– Kaepernick @ MIA –

This matchup is not a dream by any stretch, but Kaepernick has been doing great for people who’ve had him in their lineups. Until we see otherwise, I’m going to keep playing him. Kaep has been over 20 fantasy points (according to FFtoday.com scoring) in 4 of the 5 games that he has started, with the low game being 19.6. This is a player who is owned, currently, in less than 20% of leagues. He has shown that he can perform in negative game scripts, and has played a large part in keeping his team in games that they really have no business being in. The Cardinals game was close, and until the 4th quarter even the Patriots game was close. If we take a closer look at his stats we see that he has had an adjusted yards per attempt of 10.08, 7.67, and 8.2, which puts him at or near the top of the league. Brady’s AY/A over the same span was 9.55, 9.88, and 7.

Coming back to the matchup, Kaep will be playing away, and as an underdog. None of that is good, but Kaep is an underdog every week.He’s on a bad team, and he has performed pretty well. When the Dolphins have played at home, they’ve allowed good games to Mariota and Tyrod. Kaep has an undeniable similarity to those two players. So there is some precedent for this matchup to be successful even in Miami. The Dolphins D line has managed to rack up 13 sacks over the last 5 weeks, but I think they’ll have trouble putting pressure on a QB who is this mobile. Although Kaepernick was sacked 5 times by the Patriots, he still put up a decent bottom line. It seems really odd to be making the case that Kaepernick is the safest option available, but it really seems that way.

– Flacco vs CIN –

Joe (Flacco) finds himself in a completely different scenario. His team will be at home and favored against a Bengals team who probably hasn’t quite figured out for themselves who they are without AJ Green and Giovanni Bernard. I don’t expect the Bengals to be a force on offense, and if the Ravens D is able to get off the field it could mean more opportunity for the Ravens offense. In the last 5 weeks the Bengals have allowed 20+ fantasy point games to Eli, Cousins, Brady, & Kevin Hogan (104 rushing yards as a QB). They did limit Tyrod Taylor’s day to 12.2, but in my opinion it was his team’s approach to that particular game and script that took the wind out of his sails. If the Bills are able to run against you they will. Even if the running game is working I don’t think we’ll see the Ravens leave the pass game behind to the extent that the Bills will. In Buffalo’s game they threw the ball on about 52% of plays, the Ravens have thrown 58% of the time in their last 3 games and they’re over 60% on the season. The volume should be there for Flacco

Another thing to like about Flacco is the yardage floor he’s able to produce. His low mark on the season is 210 yards and in the last 3 outings he’s averaging 271. The Ravens just faced Dallas, a terrible matchup, and Flacco still managed to put up 269 passing yards.The problem has been a lack of touchdowns, and that may continue to be a problem. There isn’t a legitimate redzone threat in this offense and that probably has something to do with the fact that Baltimore is ranked 20th in red zone conversion rate at just over 50%. There is an argument to be made for regression to a mean for Flacco and his yards to touchdowns ratio. If he throws for 2, or even rushes one in I think he’ll have at least 18 fantasy points and meet expectations. In the last 5 weeks the Bengals have allowed multiple TD games to 3 of 5 QB’s. The two who didn’t were the aforementioned Tyrod Taylor and “Browns QB”. You have to pick your spots with Flacco and I think this is a spot I like.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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