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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 11 QB Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


First an apology to anyone who started Cutler in week 10. It started off well with several quick shots to Alshon, and then it went down the tubes fast with 2 picks. Even the 50 yard bomb to Meredith before the half wasn’t enough to prop up his day. The staff seemed to make a shift towards leaning on the running game, and Cutler looked less confident from there on. I assure you he was in my lineup and I felt the pain of making the pick.

Wentz’s bottom line wasn’t a lot better, but I can’t really pin it on him. For one thing, Philadelphia plays a very slow game and just doesn’t run a lot plays. For another thing Philly is throwing the ball only 56% of the time, 26th most in the league. Ryan Mathews, Wendell Smallwood, and even Sproles got work in the running game which the Eagles really leaned on. Wentz ended the game with 231 yards, 0 TD’s, and a fumble, which doesn’t look very good in anyone’s lineup.




Tyrod Taylor v Cincinnati

Just in case anyone has forgotten, the last time we saw Tyrod he was playing in Seattle, who is allowing the 27th most points to opposing QB’s. In that game he was  27 of 38 for 289 yards and 1 TD (and 1 pick). If you talk to a Bills fan, they’ll tell you this offense is predicated on the run, which it is, but in the last 6 weeks he has been throwing the ball 31.8 times a game. That’s plenty for a QB who is scoring the 8th most fantasy points per drop-back. Another reason to like Tyrod is that the deep ball is part of his game, but he isn’t Jay Cutler flinging it wrecklessly to his favorite WR regardless of coverage. He really doesn’t turn the ball over much at all. On top of all of that Taylor has a league leading 4 rushing TD’s from his 9 red zone carries.

As much as I like Taylor’s game, I don’t want to discount this matchup. The only QB’s who haven’t had good games against this Cincinnati secondary are Kessler, and Tannehill. Even Browns’ practice squad QB Kevin Hogan was able to rush for 100 yards, and did I mention Tyrod has a tendency to take off with it? Looking back to the Harris Index,  the Bengals inflate scores of QB’s by 3.5 points above their average (Tyrod’s average over the last 5 weeks is already over 20 fantasy points) The Bills will be going in to Cincinnati, which I don’t love. However, on the road Tyrod has had 25.9 fantasy points against SEA, 24.3 fantasy points at Miami, and then 15 and 16 fantasy points on the road against LA and NE. I feel 100% more secure in putting Tyrod in my lineup compared to Smokin’ Jay

Colin Kaepernick vs New England

For whatever you might think about Kaepernick’s game as an NFL QB or his future, you have to admit that his last couple of games have been pretty good. Against the Saints we saw a Kaepernick that I didn’t know existed. Granted, he was playing the Saints, but he was able to piece together a game using almost exclusively his arm. Before that game his passing numbers looked a lot more like Landry Jones than Ben Roethlisberger. More impressively the next week Kaep, with the help of his team, was able to keep the game pretty close against a formidable Cardinals defense. He’s just such an interesting play because if he can just throw it for 150 yards and a TD he has the legs to make up for the rest on the ground. And, in a Chip Kelly offense you know he’ll get to run through plenty of plays.

In week 11 Kaepernick will be playing against a New England defense has the 26th ranked pass defense and 5th ranked rush defense. I think the Patriots secondary gets undeservedly lumped in with Patriots’ reputation. To make my point let’s compare the yards allowed by the Saints and the aforementioned New England Patriots

258 yards 2 TD’s 348 yards 3 TD
398 yards 2 TD’s 218 yards 0 TD’s
253 yards 0 TD’s 281 yards 1 TD


Against one of these secondaries, many an FF analyst has regularly recommended that you start everyone. In terms of DVOA the Saints and Patriots aren’t far apart at 29.6 and 21.3, the Partriots being slightly better (21.3). The two teams are ranked 13th and 15 in terms of points allowed to QB’s. I understand that this comparison shouldn’t go any further, and that there are different causes at the root of these totals, but I believe the point stands. I wouldn’t shy away from either of these  secondaries whether they’re wearing Patriots jerseys or not. Belichick has something of a reputation for taking away the strength of an offense. I’m not sure if that would be Kapernick or Carlos Hyde. I think it suits the New England personnel a lot better to try and take away Carlos Hyde, putting extra weight on Kaepernick and waiting for cracks to start to form. However, New England is putting the least pressure on the QB of any NFL team. The 49ers will more than likely be playing from behind, and how well their QB plays will have a big impact on this game’s outcome. After the game Kaepernick played against the Cardinals I think this might be a player you can use riding into the fantasy playoffs as your QB 2, especially if you can pair him with someone like a Dak Prescott who isn’t likely to shrivel up and die in a tougher matchup.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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