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Points For Free - Week 16

Points For Free – Week 10 TE Streamers

Fantasy Football Position Streaming

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


– Miller vs Tampa –

Targets really are the number one thing that a TE needs to be relevant and Miller has that. So in a week when our beloved Lions are out on a bye, it’s back to basics. With 10 targets in week 8, Miller was able to accumulate 7 receptions and 88 yards and was a contributor without getting into the end-zone. That’s something you don’t find a lot of outside of the high-owned TE class. In week 8, there was some reason for concern because before Cutler went out Miller wasn’t getting a lot of attention.However, in the Bears’ contest against the Vikings it seemed as though every time Cutler threw the ball less than 15 yards down the field, Miller was on the other end of it.

Tampa isn’t allowing a lot of points to TE’s but they haven’t faced a TE1 outside of Olsen. Understanding that helps us to see why their points against TE numbers and even their DVOA against TE’s have gotten skewed. The truth seems to be that Tampa isn’t doing a great job of covering anybody, and when you’re not covering the WR’s against teams that don’t use the TE very much, you’re not going to give up a lot to the position. Miller is a bigger part of this offense than most TE’s, and if the Bears have a mind to get him involved they should find it an achievable task. It may be a legitimate concern, however,  that if Alshon and Meredith are running wild Miller won’t see as much usage. Looking back Miller had the  most receptions on the team in Week 8, the 2nd most in week 7, and in week 6 even though the Jags gave up significant yardage to the WR’s, Miller still had 6 catches. Chicago should be able to target the player(s) they want, I think he’s part of the game plan.

– Fiedorowicz vs Jacksonville –

Here in the 2016 Jacksonville’s pass defense is not that bad (13th), and it’s their offense that is struggling. The Jaguars kept the Chiefs and Nick Foles to 169 passing yards, and in that game Kelce caught 5 balls for 58 yards. The week before the Jags played the Titans and allowed Delanie Walker to amass 75 yards on only 4 catches. It’s a bit unlikely that we see CJ, who’s a lot closer to a Heath Miller type than a Delanie Walker, tear down the field for 18 yards per catch, but what we do have in Fiedorowicz is a TE who is seeing consistent targets: 8,7,7,& 7 in his last four outings. If we’d like to know what the Texans will do when they play a better defense, we can go back to week 7. Against Denver Fiedorowicz had 5 catches for an admittedly unimpressive 35 yards but it proves the concept that against a tougher matchup they’ll still go to CJ. Jacksonville has only allowed a TD to Antonio Gates, but if CJ gets 5-6 catches he should have 50-75 yards and meet the expectations for a player who is owned at 16%. The real thing that’s holding him back is the fact that the Texans offense is 30th in both yards and points scored, but it hasn’t kept him from scoring a TD in three of his last five games. Taking a gamble with consistent targets beats low targets and a high powered offense (Jesse James), at least in my opinion.

– Brate vs Chicago –

And then there’s Brate. One of my favorite Cameron Brate stats besides the fact that all of his measurables are below the 50th percentile, is the fact that he is adding an extra 1.4 yards after the catch. The man is 6’5”, if he literally just fell over he would cover over 2 yards. And there it is, 1.4 yards after the catch. Brate’s targets are ok, at 3,5, & 6, but that’s not the reason you put him in your lineup. The thing we like about Brate is the 10 red-zone targets on a team where the QB accounts for almost 80% of the team’s TD’s. The Falcons can move the ball, and when they’re there in scoring position and passing, Brate has seen 27% of the team’s red zone targets. Brate has scored 4 TD’s which puts him at the top of the list for TE’s, more than Gronkowski and Reed who each have 3. I don’t expect him to stay through the end of the season, but it isn’t week 2 people, we’re past the half-way mark and there he is.

This week his Buccaneers face a Chicago defense that isn’t fantastic at anything, but what they do best is stop the run and pressure the QB. If they’re able to do those two things Winston could be looking for a dump off more than usual. The Bears were certainly able to get after Bradford, but the Buccs O-line is much better than the Vikings. I think we’ll see the Buccs go to the air quite a bit and that means good things for Brate. He’s a big target and Jameis knows where to find him.


Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

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