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Points For Free - Week 16

Points for Free – Week 10 DST Streamers

Fantasy Football Week 10 DST Streamers

Written By: Josh Crocker – Follow Josh on Twitter @jccrocker


Above the Stream

– Arizona @ SF –

I don’t think anyone who’s rostering the Arizona D/ST needs to be told to start them here. This defense is in a great spot, at home with a huge spread against a bottom 3rd offense. Start your Cardinals D with confidence


– Baltimore v Cleveland –


Cleveland is the 24th ranked offense, scoring the 29th most points at about 19 per game. So they’re not a big threat to put up enough points to strip your defense of those points. At the same time, they’re playing at a good clip running about 65 plays in their last 3 games, and ⅔ of those plays are pass plays. Just like a running back, your defense needs volume and this is where it comes from. Bad offenses passing the ball, Cleveland does it about 40 times per game. Despite their lack of effectiveness in putting points up they’ve only turned the ball over 11 times which is not terrible. It also limits the upside of this play. While they’re not coughing the ball up, they are allowing an adjusted sack rate, which accounts for a broader picture of QB pressure of 7.3. The worst pass protection unit (Minnesota) is allowing 8.9, which isn’t hugely different.  On the other side of the ball the Baltimore defensive line is earning an adjusted sack rate of 7.0 ( Buffalo is at the top with 9.1). The combination of poor protection and a good rush should produce some points, and provides a chance for turnovers at a minimum.

Baltimore is a home favorite and enjoys a spread of 10 points. They’re very likely to be in a positive game script, and in a possession where the Browns will become a one dimensional team trying to claw back into the game. It’s all good for that Ravens d-line. This Browns team just allowed the Cowboys to sack Kessler 4 times and before that allowed the Titans 6 sacks in week 6. If they’re still on the wire, scoop’em up. If not, keep reading

– Houston at Jacksonville –


While Houston will be on the road for this game, the Jags are likely to still be doing Jag things. As illustrated by the table below the Jags are not heavily influenced by zip-code.

  Home (4 games) Away (4 games)
Sacks Allowed 11 8
Turnovers Committed

(Interceptions + Fumbles)

7 10
Points Allowed to Defense 18 points (4.5 per game) 18 points (4.5 per game)

Unlike last year, Jacksonville is only scoring the 28th most points, averaging 19 a game. In terms of DVOA, they’re producing 12.1% less than other teams in similar down and distance, which ranks them 27th as offensive whole. They’re not a big threat to score the points that will suck the life out of your defensive performance, especially outside of the 4th quarter where we have so often seen Bortles make his garbage time living. Here we also have an offense who passes the ball over 70% of the time, running almost 44 pass plays per game. This is the fuel your defense runs on. They’ve allowed 19 sacks, 17 turnovers, and an adjusted sack rate of 5.7 (low 3.4, high 9.3). In other words, points, points, points.

Houston’s defensive unit, on the other hand, has been the better half of their team. While Houston hasn’t exactly faced an all-star lineup of Quarterbacks, they also haven’t allowed a 300 yard game or more than 1 TD to anyone not named Sam Bradford. They’re much weaker against the run, but that’s not exactly a strength of the Jags offense. I think it’s a solid play.

Deeper Options

– LA vs New York Jets –

You could really argue that either side of this game provides a playable defense. I like the Rams because they’re at home, but the Jets are favored. Both teams have a turnover problem. Both teams have an inaccurate QB and are throwing the ball nearly 40 times a game. This game feels especially unpredictable to me. It’s like a math problem where you multiply a negative number by another negative number and somehow the answer will come up positive, but I’m not sure for who. Take your pick.


– Miami @ San Diego –

If this game was being played in Miami I’d be all over it, but as it is in San Diego I think we’d better pump the breaks. Still, the Chargers have a serious turnover problem with 18 on the season (most of which being fumbles). They’re allowing a lot of pressure on Rivers, which is nothing new. And, although Rivers is a  good QB who isn’t throwing a lot of picks, they’re passing a lot at 38 attempts per game. That less than great offensive line only has to get beat on a handful of those 38 to make your defense’s day.


Under the Stream

– SEA @ NE –

Seattle is playing on the road, against a good offense that has a special penchant for morphing into whatever the other team can’t stop. I just can’t imagine a scenario where I play a defense in Foxborough.


– PHI vs ATL –

Philadelphia is a very good defense, but they’re playing what may be the best offense in the league. On top of being very good, they’re balanced, so you’re not getting a high volume of pass plays for your defense and they just don’t turn the ball over often (6 on the year). Honestly, if I had them on a season long team I’d probably ride it out before I dropped a player that had any potential at all, but I don’t expect good things from this otherwise solid unit.



Written By: Josh Crocker – Josh can be found on Twitter @jccrocker

Follow him now & hit him up for more advice, he has plenty to go around!

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