Clock Dodgers Podcast - Episode #21 - C8H11NO2 - Guest: Ian McLaughlin - Clock Dodgers
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Ian McLaughlin brain trauma weed legal psychedelic

Clock Dodgers Podcast – Episode #21 – C8H11NO2 – Guest: Ian McLaughlin

We don’t say this often (actually never), but this episode will no doubt make you smarter. Our guest this week is a PhD student in Neuroscience who loves to share his knowledge of the brain with the world. His name is Ian McLaughlin, and he’s not just super smart, he’s also a really cool dude to sit down and talk with too. This episode was important for Neal to go deep with Ian on topics like, would he let his kids play contact sports? How does a neuroscientist feel about making weed legal? Uncle Bob is spaced out, did he really get stuck in that psychedelic acid trip in the 60’s? Now go listen, as these topics and so much more lie ahead in this brain filling episode.

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After listening to the show, let us know in the comments below your opinions on the topics we covered, give us questions/topics you want to hear discussed for next weeks episode and we want to hear your opinion on the topics discussed on the show.

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