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4 Tires & Fuel – Overton’s 400 (NASCAR DFS)

Some of the greatest times in my life, was when I was playing high school football and I will share one of these memories that I cherish with you guy before I jump into my NASCAR picks. My senior year we was heading down US 23 to play our final game of the regular season against #5 ranked team in the state, we was sitting at 4-5 on the season. We arrive with a head full of confidence, thinking and talking about upsetting them and carrying momentum in the playoffs. I played WR and I was also the kicker, I owned a couple school records at the time, but there was one record that I really wanted and that was the Extra point record.

I know, I know, you’re thinking Extra point? Well my school has always been known for not having a kicker and going for 2, ALWAYS. I needed one more extra point to break the record, so one of my best friends is the long snapper. Well, we finally score and everyone knew I wanted to break the record and everyone wanted me to break it also. I line up for the extra point, waiting to see the ball hit the holders hand and to kick the piss out of it… well I’m waiting and waiting, the damn ball never comes. Then I look, and the damn ball is flying over my head at a speed equivalent to a falcon diving at its prey, I immediately think…”What the hell?” so I sprint back and just fell on the ball at the 50. The play is over, I take a glance at my long snapper and my friend, and politely tell him to get his head out of his ass.

Well, two quarters have went and by this time the #5 ranked team in the state is kicking the shit out of us. We finally put a drive together, but then it stalls, 4th down. The head coach hollers for the field goal unit, it will be a 42 yard field goal, another school record opportunity. We all head out onto the field, and I have all these things that are running through my head and then I remembered my friend snapping the damn ball to the 50 earlier in the game, so I’m standing to kick thinking well I can try to make this field goal in this game which isn’t going to matter at all ,or I can get back at my friend for that bullshit he decided to pull earlier in the game. The ball is snapped, and I kicked the piss out of it as hard as I possibly could, I mean this ball came off my foot like a missile…As soon as I pull my head I just catch a glimpse of the ball smacking my friend/long snapper right in the ass. He immediately turns around and screams


Now I don’t know if everyone has the seen the movie The Replacements, but it was pretty similar to when Danny Bateman chased Neigel, at least it did when I watched it on film. He chased me and sought me out for the rest of the game on the sidelines, but the coaches did a good job of us keeping us separated. Seven years later, my long snapper was a groomsmen at my wedding, it is good to cherish those memories and friends.


This week we will head to Pocono, the tricky triangle, a super unique track that features 3 distinct turns. I hope everyone had a good day last week or a good profit as I did, and congratulations to Kasey Kahne, really pumped to see him to return back to Victory Lane, that was really cool. At Pocono, what we typically want to find is 2-3 dominators and a couple solid place differential plays.  I want to mention these are my pre-qualifying picks, for whatever reason the cup series decided to qualify on the same day the race. So let’s go ahead jump into my picks for this weeks upcoming race at Pocono, one of my favorite tracks. I like to get my research from jayski.com, driveraverages.com, and the NASCAR mobile app.


Top Tier – Cash & GPP

Kyle Busch – ($10,700)

He was well on his way to 3rd indy win in the last 3 races, but it just appeared to me the 78 got loose and they wrecked. Busch has been fast all year long and its slowly looking like the 18 team is catching up with the 78 speed wise. He dominated the earlier Pocono race this year, leading 100 laps. I think we can expect the same this week, he would have probably won that race but a late race caution left him a sitting duck on older tires. Lock and Load Kyle Busch this week.

Kevin Harvick – ($10,200)

My man Harvick has had 3 runner up finishes in the last 6 races at Pocono, he looked pretty good in practice and had good speed in practice. He has never won here, and you know that motivates a driver. He is my pick to be in victory lane.


Mid-Tier GPP

Erik Jones – ($8,500)

By far my favorite rookie driver and I’m really pumped to watch him race for years to come, and true special talent. It will be fun to watch him in the 20 car next year at Joe Gibbs. The last race at Pocono Jones led 20 laps, started 15th and finished with a top 3. Lets hope for the same!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – ($7,800)

Just like Kyle Busch, Dale Jr has had some terrible luck all year long but I think both of them will break out of there bad luck spell at Pocono. The last time he was here he had problem shifting and destroyed the transmission, hopefully they have that fixed. This makes him a strictly gpp play for me.


Dark Horse GPP

Ty Dillon –  ($6,600)

Ty is a driver to me that races a lot better than he qualifies and practice times show, he really does well on these big tracks that have a lot of speed. The last race here, ty started 27th and finished 16th. He has had a positive place differential every time he has been here, in 3 different cars. Great dark horse play.

Chris Buecher – ($6,200)

A winner of this race last year, mostly due to luck as he stayed out when the fog came out. But a win is a win correct? He has had a positive place differential in his last two races here also, and had a good showing last week at Indy.


Other top-tier drivers to consider:

Martin truex Jr – ($10,500)

Kyle Larson – ($10,100)

Chase Elliott – ($9,500)

Other mid-tier drivers to consider:

Brad Keslowski – ($9,100)

Ryan Blaney – ($8,700)

Kurt Busch – ($8,500)

Other value drivers to consider:

Kasey Kahne – ($7,400)

Daniel Suarez – ($7,200)

Aric Almirola – ($6,000)

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