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4 Tires & Fuel – Overton’s 301 (NASCAR DFS)

In the past week I have watched two movies about dogs, A Dogs Purpose, and Marley & Me. When I met my wife she had a black lab named Jess, she had it for years. I just so happened to be working when her dog Jess was hit in the road, so I debated and debated on whether to get another dog or should I give it some time. Then we went to a thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts house, and she mentioned that she had a dog that kept walking at her feet and she was afraid they was going to trip over her, so my dad encouraged me to take my wife and go out to the barn and give the pup a look. I knew as soon as my wife locked eyes with another black lab pup we were going to be taking this dog home, we did. We had our ups and downs with her, with housebreaking her, her chewing up our shoes, and carpet? I guess dogs will be dogs. It was around this time last year, we noticed that she wasn’t eating and which was highly unusual, and was really Lethargic. We decided to take her to the vet, and of course it was the worst news a dog owner can get she tested positive for Parvo, which I was really confused since we gave her all the vaccinations. I was really worried about her, she was in the vets office for 6 days as the vet ran IVS and fluids through her to keep her hydrated, we called everyday to check on her. The last day we called the vet she didn’t seem very encouraged that she was going to make it, so I decided to prepare myself for the worst, we decided to go pick her up from the vet and bring her home to be with us if she did pass. The next morning I woke up and she was nowhere to found, and I know when a dog feels like its going to pass they typically go away from there owner.
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“A dog doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor, funny or dull, smart or stupid… give them your heart and they will give you theirs.”
This week we will head a unique flat track in Loudon, New Hampshire. A 1.058 mile oval with variable banking in the turns 2-7 degrees and just 1 degree banking in the straightaways, over the past couple years we have seen a couple drivers really excel on these short flat tracks. I had a great time at Kentucky speedway last weekend, I kinda knew it was going to be the Truex show going in but it was a nice escape from my typical 7-7 grind. I even got my favorite drivers autograph (Harvick) really pumped about that. This week at Loudon, we are typically looking for two dominators, a driver who will start in the teens, a driver that will start in the 20’s and and two solid value place differential plays who start in the back. That was the trend that seemed to take place last year at both races, and I am all about trends especially in NASCAR. Now, lets jump into my favorite plays this week at Loudon.

Top Tier – Cash & GPP

Kyle Busch – ($10,500)
From what I seen in practice times this week, it sure looks like the Gibbs cars will be really competitive this week and out of the group, I like Kyle Busch the most. He qualified 7th, posted the fastest lap, and 4th best 10 lap average in final practice. In the past 4 races at Loudon, Busch has a win, a top 5, a top 10, led 232 laps, and a finish of 37th. I love Busch as a potential dominator this weekend, and my pick to be in victory lane.
Martin Truex Jr. – ($10,300)
Truex was awarded the pole after Larson had an issue with his rear deck fin after qualifying, at this point truex is almost a lock to play every single week, he is so fast. In the past 4 races, Truex has 2 top 10’s and 2 top 20’s, and has led 264 laps. I look for Truex to dominate most of this race, he posted the fastest 10  lap average in happy hour, lock and load truex this weekend.


Mid-Tier GPP

Kyle Larson – ($9,700)
Larson originally won the pole, but had an issue with his rear deck fin. So he was penalized and now he will be scored from 39th. He has said before that this is his worse track in NASCAR, but he has been at the top of the leader-board basically all weekend, and this is a new year. The cars are typically really loose at new Hampshire and who likes a loose race car? Kyle Larson does. He is a lock in cash games also, in the past 4 races at Loudon, Larson has one top 10, two top 20’s, and a finish of 31st. Don’t overthink it because of track history, lock Kyle Larson into your cash game lineups.
Ryan Blaney – ($8,300)
As I do every week, I go back and watch last years previous races at the track. I am always looking for the driver that value driver that catches my eye, and it was Ryan Blaney. This year he has really matured as a driver as he won his first career race in the cup series at Pocono a couple weeks ago, in the past 3 races at Loudon he has two top 20’s and a finish of 23rd, he qualified 15th. If you follow the trend of a driver starting in the teens, he is the one I would look at. Ryan posted the 8th fastest time in happy hour and the 2nd fastest 10 lap average.

Dark Horse GPP


Ryan Newman –  ($7,300)
For whatever reason the RCR cars as an organization just don’t have the speed right now, and i don’t know why. Yes, they have won a few races this year, but it wasn’t because of dominant speed. But, what do I like about Newman is he usually races better than he qualifies and his practice times show. He qualified 24th and posted the 22nd fastest time in happy hour. In the past 4 races at Loudon, 2 top 10’s, and 2 top 20’s. He has 3 wins in his career at this track also, I think he makes for a fine GPP play this week.


Danica Patrick – ($6,200)
I am on the fence with playing her in cash, she is known to lose her temper at times and wreck or wreck someone. Just like in Blaney though, I went back and watched the last couple races and Danica got my eye, my racing eye. She is easy on the eyes but, could be hard on the lineups. In the past 4 races she has two 20 finishes, a finish of 24th, and a really bad finish of 40th. She qualified 30th, if she can stay out of trouble she will make a fine GPP play.
Other top-tier drivers to consider:
Kevin Harvick – ($10,000)
Denny Hamlin – ($9,800)
Matt Kenseth – ($9,300)
Other mid-tier drivers to consider:
Joey Logano – ($8,800)
Clint Bowyer – ($8,900)
Dale Earnhardt Jr – ($8,100)
Other value drivers to consider:
Daniel Suarez – ($7,500)
Austin Dillon – ($7,000)
Aric Almirola -($6,600)

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