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Old Wars & New Wars

A battle that has waged on since the beginning of time. Well not exactly that long ago…more likely since TV’s have been invented which isn’t truly that far back when you think about it. I’m not really your sit down and watch TV everyday type of guy but I watch a decent share of it. However, I don’t think the answer to this question is really that difficult to find. I easily have a top 5 which of course in itself could also be debated on but I will stick to my guns regardless of your argument.

5. Power
4. Walking Dead
3. Boardwalk Empire
2. Lost

So that leaves #1…Game of Thrones. That’s right, I said it. Clearly the viewer numbers show that many would agree with me. Every show in my top 5 has their strong points & not many weak spots. They all have a cast that you can either relate to or that you completely believe in & buy into. Maybe the most important character they all have is someone that you hate more than words can express (I’m looking at you Lannister’s!).

I must make it very clear that the shows I listed are my favorite shows from the last 10 years or so of my life. When I was a kid there were many shows that were great also and hold a nostalgic place in my heart. So before you attack me saying how a show from the 80’s or 90’s was better, understand, I loved them too. Shit, growing up along side Corey Matthews was one hell of a ride!

The last topic that I wanted to touch on today, is the feeling I’ve been getting that TV as we all know it is in limbo or that of a transitional phase. Services like Netflix & Hulu are becoming more & more popular. The instant access to any show you want, when you want it & at a low cost per month just seems like the future. More of the better series will keep transitioning to Netflix Originals. HBO finally has its own app where you can pay just for HBO & I’m sure all the other networks will follow suit. Honestly the only reason I even have cable in my home is for live sports. How will we get live sports outside of cable? Maybe networks like ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, etc. will start their own subscription based service as well. That future is the one I want to live in. One where I can decide what I want to watch when I want to watch it without having to pay $200 per month for 90% of the content to never be watched.

Until then, I will wait for what will seem to be an eternity for Game of Thrones to return for it’s 6th season.


Do you have a better top 5 or feel a show was left off of our list? Comment below & let us hear about it.

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