NFL Week 7 DFS Plays - Clock Dodgers
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week 7 nfl dfs

NFL Week 7 DFS Plays

While growing up, it seems ever kid finds there first true love. Rather, its playing music, running cross country, or for me it was strapping on shoulder pads and a helmet for the first time. I knew from the very first instant when I got a sniff of the distinct smell of the helmet, the dew of the grass, and the chin strap buttons snapping that this was the sport for me. I continued to play for all of my childhood, in High School, and was a fortunate enough to earn a scholarship to a small NAIA school in Kentucky.
I only ended up playing for one year, it wasn’t the same. This past week me and my wife attended a Men’s and Women’s Softball tournament, and she was telling me how she missed playing softball and how much she was really excited to get back out there and play. I told her I think that’s why football is so special to everyone that truly loves the game, because once you decide to stop playing, that’s it. There is no football tournament that you can call your friends and meet up later in the day to play. Where is the helmet, shoulder pads, and all the other equipment going to come from? I guess we could play a 7 on 7 backyard game, but we all know that’s not the same.
To this day, rather it’s the first chill of the wind late September, or the smell of the wet grass, or the smell of a sweaty hat that resembles that distinct smell of your football helmet. All of that stuff takes me back real quick, I can still remember how it felt wearing your jersey to school on Fridays, the butterflies right before kickoff, breaking in and out of the huddle, and my favorite of all is the atmosphere of the whole scene. The electricity of the crowd, looking in the stands seeing your family, girlfriend or girlfriends if you catch my drift. So, cherish every single memory you can while you have the shoulder pads on and slinging grass. The cliché is “time flies when your having fun”…I look back now and think those years did go by fast.
“Football lessons we learn in life continue to apply for the rest of our lives, life is a team game, the big game”
          – Joe Namath
Quarterbacks – Cash & GPP
Drew Brees – ($7,600)
Dak Prescott – ($7,300)
Marcus Mariota – ($6,900)
Running Backs – Cash & GPP
Ezekiel Elliott – ($9,000)
LeSean McCoy – ($7,400)
Carlos Hyde – ($5,900)
Wide Recievers – Cash & GPP
Michael Thomas – ($7,500)
Davante Adams – ($5,800)
Rishard Matthews – ($5,500)
Tight Ends – Cash & GPP
Delanie Walker – ($5,800)
Jimmy Graham – ($4,900)
George Kittle – ($3,600)
Defense – Cash & GPP
Jacksonville – ($3,700)
Buffalo – ($3,400)
Pittsburgh – ($3,200)

Acie Waller

DFS Contributor

Writer - 4 Tires & Fuel

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  1. I like Garcon better than Adams or Matthews this week. Also think I’ll be stacking him with Beathard in at least one GPP and Jordy with Hundley in at least 1 too. I think Dez is worth paying up for this week as well. Kupp and Fowler are a couple good upside low salary guys this week with good matchups could see both gettin double digit targets. Can use some of that extra cash to pay up for zeke and McCoy. Cheap(er) rbs I like are Henry (if Murray is out or limited, prob will be one or the other) and Peterson

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