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NFL Split 10 - Postseason Power Rankings

NFL Split 10 – Week 8

A Clock Dodgers Weekly Feature Article

NFL Split 10

(Top 5 – Bottom 5)

Week 7 – 2016

Written By: Eddie Cepeda (@eddiecee23)


We all watched it, and we can’t unwatch it. That happened on Sunday night. My eyes won’t forgive me for the injustice. Instead of Seattle and Arizona both being handed losses as they should have been, Sunday Night Football ended in the tie of all ties. While this was a game that was quite indicative of how the NFL ratings are dropping this season, I feel some perspective is needed. You see, the NFL doing worse than it has in past years is still better than any other pro sport in the United States. To compare, sports giant ESPN has gone through quite a turnover in staff and drop in ratings in recent years. However, it is still the worldwide leader in sports by far. So before we go saying that the NFL is dying, we should consider that we are measuring it against it’s own success.
I apologize for starting off with the heavy. Football is my favorite sport to watch, so it somewhat bugs me to hear that it’s dying. It has flaws just like every other major sport of course, but it is far from dead. So where did we leave off last week?
Top 5
  1. Minnesota Vikings
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Seattle Seahawks
Bottom 5
  1. Carolina Panthers
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. New York Jets
  5. Cleveland Browns


Glad to see we’re back to normal with my number one ranked team losing! On to week 8 we go!
Top 5
NFL Split 10
  1. New England Patriots 6-1
    Tom Brady will not be denied. New England goes into Pittsburgh to take a road win against a depleted, but still formidable, opponent. Am I the only one who feels that we continuously get robbed of marquee match-ups due to Steeler absences? With Big Ben out it feels like we got exactly what we expected out of this game. A valiant effort on the Steeler’s part, but an overwhelming mismatch when it comes to a Bill Belichick coached team.
  2. Minnesota Vikings 6-1
    Yes, it was a rough outing for the Vikings. We’ve approached the grinding part of the season folks. We are going into a battle of attrition and teams are already feeling it. Minnesota overcame two huge losses early to be the last undefeated team standing. It seems they have finally found injuries that do affect their results on Sunday. With an ailing offensive line, we’ll see if Zimmer can get his team to rebound from a disappointing loss in Week 7.
  3. Dallas Cowboys 5-1
    To Romo? Or not to Romo? That is the question as the Cowboys gear up to face the Eagles in an NFC East showdown on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles defensive line impressed us this past Sunday. Their next challenge is arguably the best offensive line in Football, and two rising rookies in (possibly) Prescott and Elliot. On the other side, can the Cowboys defense continue to exceed expectations and put their offense into good position to start drives? Get your burgers and brew ready folks, there’s no way this Sunday’s game can be as bad as the last two.
  4. Denver Broncos 5-2
    After a two game losing streak, the Broncos bounce back in superb fashion. In addition, they give Elway the satisfaction of watching the backup who walked out on him suffer for 60 minutes. Brock’s yardage count looked more like a running back’s on a good day. Trevor Siemian’s injury no longer seems to be bothering him as he was able to exploit a depleted Texan’s secondary. The real story, is how good Denver’s TWO running backs looked. Combined they rushed for 190 yards and two of Denver’s three touchdowns. Next they look to get revenge at home against the Chargers.
  5. Oakland Raiders 5-2
    An impressive win laughing in the face of the, ”West coast team traveling East for an early game” stigma. The defense got involved against a Jaguars offense that has stalled more than stuttered. With the high expectations most had for them in the preseason, you wonder how much heat Gus Bradley is feeling right now. Either way, the time has come for the Oakland Raiders to make their debut in the Top 5. Next up, they travel to Tampa Bay to take on Jameis Winston and company. Something tells me they will most likely keep their spot in the coming weeks.


Outside looking in:

Atlanta Falcons – The first of two losses was not as damning as the second. The Falcons let the Chargers come back from a 17-point deficit to upset them at home. Atlanta will have to right the ship against Green Bay at home next week to earn their way back to the Top 5.
Green Bay – There are many things a coach can do to fix issues that his team is facing. The best of all would be to play the Bears and their 3rd string quarterback. Just as Mike McCarthy planned, those pesky Bears didn’t stand a chance after Brian Hoyer went down with a broken arm. Either way, the Packers seemed to have found an offensive groove even with three running backs going down.
Philadelphia Eagles – With an impressive win to stop the bleeding, the Eagles can slowly make their way back into the Top 5 by continuing the streak. They have a real test next week when they travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys.
Bottom 5
 NFL Split 10 
  1. Carolina Panthers 1-5
    Nothing has changed. We just had a week where we didn’t have to witness a head scratching loss from the defending NFC champs. With their playoff hopes all but done, they face a Cardinals team that is looking to bounce back form the most embarrassing tie of all time.
  2. Houston Texans 4-3
    A Split 10 first! We have a team with a winning record in the Bottom 5. Now we know why people advocate to get rid of automatic division winner playoff berths. If the season ended today, we would seriously have to witness the Brock Lobster and company defecate all over a playoff field. The Texans defense has been completely decimated by injury, what’s the offenses excuse? Can we recall a time where a superstar wide receiver was more hindered by a terrible quarterback?
  3. Chicago Bears 1-6
    Just like that, Jay Cutler gets his job back! It seemed like all was well with Hoyer under center, oh how Bears fans wish they had appreciated it more. Quick tip Jay, make sure you take the cigarette out of your mouth before going onto the field. You’re a role model according to Roger Goodell when the issue ISN’T domestic violence. The Bears get embarrassed by a lesser version of the Packers than we’re used to to keep them in the number 30 spot.
  4. San Francisco 49ers 1-6
    It may look a little better with Kaepernick leading the offense, but if there were ever a time when that meant nothing, it’s now. The 49ers weren’t exactly facing a juggernaut in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they might as well have been the Patriots. On top of that, with the trade deadline looming, there are reports that San Francisco is shopping their deep threat in Torrey Smith. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  5. Cleveland Browns 0-7
    The cliché you’re looking for is: “Death, taxes and (insert whatever the constant is here)”. At this point, it’s almost as if a Cleveland loss is more reliable than death. Coach Hue Jackson has coached seven games in Cleveland, and it feels as if he’s had that exact number of starting quarterbacks. The Browns continue to claim the bottom spot of the Split 10.

In danger of falling:

Jacksonville Jaguars – Yes, they’re last in their division but ahead of the Texans. Honestly, if it were a neutral field I would bet on the Jaguars to win. That still is not enough to move them from the lower tier of the league. One more bad loss and they should fall into the crap of the crop.
Los Angeles Rams – Anybody else think it’s still possible for the Rams to lose on a bye? After a three game losing streak, the Rams are creeping back to their bottom dweller position in the Bottom 5.
New York Jets – You know it’s really hard to write an article when your parents give up on you, and your wife gives up on you, and your editor gives up on you. Wait, did that make any sense to you? No? That’s EXACTLY what we felt after a flabbergasting interview from Ryan Fitzpatrick. The king of gaining starting positions off of quarterback injuries. If you want Ryan Fitzpatrick to win, bench him before every game so that he’s nice and pissed off before he gets his number called.

Written By: Eddie Cepeda – Follow Eddie on Twitter: @eddiecee23

We’re on to Week 8!

I’ll let you know why you’re wrong for disagreeing with me!

Comment below or hit me up at @eddiecee23 on Twitter and Instagram.

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