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NFL Split 10 - Postseason Power Rankings

NFL Split 10 – Week 17

A Clock Dodgers Weekly Feature Article

NFL Split 10

(Top 5 – Bottom 5)

Week 17 – 2016

Written By: Eddie Cepeda (@eddiecee23)


DOWN GOES SEXY REXY!! For a 3rd straight week we have witnessed a coach take the walk of shame. This one came with a little extra slap in the face when Rex’s brother also received his walking papers. Let’s all be honest though, Rob’s last defensive coordination gig should have came long before his Rex extended him a brotherly favor. With three coaches that we all assumed would be fired now gone, will there be any left for Black Monday?
As the regular season comes to a close, the AFC playoff teams have been determined. There’s still plenty left to play for. The top seeds are still in play, and the AFC West division winner will come down to the wire. With much still hanging in the balance, Week 17 should be just as drama filled as any other NFL weekend. Let’s take it back a week!
Let’s take it back a week:
Top 5
  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. New Patriots
  3. New York Giants
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Oakland Raiders
Bottom 5
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. New York Jets
  4. San Francisco 49ers
  5. Cleveland Browns


Now we move forward to the final week of regular season play.
Top 5
NFL Split 10 dak prescott
  1. Dallas Cowboys 13-2
    I think I spelled out the recipe to the Cowboys’ success last week? Well, apparently if you’d like to spice it up just throw in a Dez Bryant touchdown pass and let the points rain down. Dallas continues to roll into the playoffs with what seems like little competition, unless you count those guys in the blue and red that appear to have the Cowboys’ number.
  2. New England Patriots 13-2
    We pretty much got what we expected right? The Patriot way includes beating down their division rivals with unnecessary malice in their heart. The all-to familiar late season trap game with the Dolphins approaches. With what the absence of home-field may have cost them, it’s hard to believe they wont give their all to lock up the #1 seed.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 11-4
    The Chiefs have begun to hit their stride. After a small hiccup against the Titans, the Chiefs face a San Diego Chargers opponent that should be an all but certain cakewalk into the playoffs. With some help from division rival Denver, the Chiefs may actually end this season as the AFC West champions. The questions remains, does the Chiefs offense have enough in their arsenal to actually pose a real threat to the rest of the AFC?
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-5
    The AFC North is locked down and the Steelers now look to ride their stacked offense into a possible Superbowl berth. Many have deemed the Steelers as the only team talented enough to go into Foxborough and beat the Patriots. Whether that can actually happen, remains to be seen. As I have stated with Oakland in past articles, I question the Pittsburgh defense. Will they be able to bend and not break their way to a title?
  5. Green Bay Packers 12-3
    A surprising sight in this week’s Top 5? Green Bay was not even in the ‘Outside looking in’ section of last week’s article. However, it is tough to ignore the streak that Green Bay is on. Aaron Rodgers may be looking to go into work as a prophet once he hangs up his cleats. Since his statement of being able to run the table, Green Bay has not lost a game. It all comes down to Week 17, will Green Bay make a splash in the postseason?


Outside looking in:

Atlanta Falcons – A balanced offensive attack has Atalanta looking good for the postseason. Matty Ice will need to win some games in order to shake a possible Romo-like comparison in the near future.
New York Giants – Do you remember the ’07 and ’12 championships? I remember brushing the Giants off as non-contenders. Is there a possible New York miracle in the works here?
Oakland Raiders – The Raiders have hit their first real trial of this season. Unfortunately, it couldn’t come at a worse time. Matt McGloin will have to keep mistakes to a minimum, while making enough plays to keep Oakland in the game.
Bottom 5

clock dodgers nfl split 10

  1. Chicago Bears 3-12
    Just an all-around shlacking that the Bears were on the receiving end of. Chicago may join the ranks of teams looking for a head coach at the end of the season. There is not one sole thing to point at and say would definitively fix the Bears’ issues. A good start would be a head coach that can’t seem to get a competent offense going.
  2. New York Jets 4-11
    After a health scare with their coach, the Jets couldn’t do anything right against the Patriots. Todd Bowles may be facing termination, and it may not all be his fault. However, after two years with no real improvement since the Rex days, ownership may be looking for a little change in leadership.
  3. Los Angels Rams 4-11
    You had one job guys, beat a team that couldn’t beat anybody all season…….. except for you. The 49ers complete the sweep, and the Rams look as incompetent as ever. Rumors are now circulating that the Rams will throw the checkbook at Ron Rivera, good luck with that one guys.
  4. San Francisco 49ers 2-13
    Really San Francisco? You can’t even lose right. All you had to do was lose out, and you’d have the top pick. Oh well, at least you have your pride right?………. Oh wait.
  5. Cleveland Browns 1-14
    NO DEFEATED SEASON HERE!!!! Merry Christmas Cleveland. This is about as good of a sports year as it gets for you. Prayers go up for Hue Jackson to stay in position as they will need a leader of men in the offseason to come.

In danger of falling:

Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are a week away from completing an all-around disappointing season. Next year they may want to focus on getting Cam some protection. You have to invest in the players you believe are your long-term answers.
Jacksonville Jaguars – A surprising win gets them out of the Bottom 5, but something tells me they’ll earn their spot back before season’s end.
San Diego Chargers – Sorry Charger fans, you can’t lose to an all-time terrible team and not take a dive in rankings. Chin up, they may be out of San Diego and out of your hair soon enough.
Written By: Eddie Cepeda – Follow Eddie on Twitter: @eddiecee23

One more week left!

I told you during Week 8 to enjoy it while you could!
Anybody got their Valentine surprises ready yet?!

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