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NFL Split 10 - Postseason Power Rankings

NFL Split 10 – Week 14

A Clock Dodgers Weekly Feature Article

NFL Split 10

(Top 5 – Bottom 5)

Week 14 – 2016

Written By: Eddie Cepeda (@eddiecee23)


‘Tis the season. We all feel it in the air. That crisp, cold embrace of the winter chill means one thing: FOOTBALL WEATHER. We caught two snow games over the weekend. One was a surprisingly entertaining game, while the other was……. a game. All you Jordan Howard owners are sending thanks to the Fantasy Football gods as I’m typing this. With this weather comes an awesome feeling, playoffs are around the corner. How is the postseason looking for your team? As always, football is a cruel mistress that sees fit to make fools of us all. So what if I had the Panthers as my preseason top ranked team? Who cares if there’s a possibility that three of my preseason top 5 teams won’t even make the post season?…………. The answer is me, I care soooooo much. Don’t worry friends. I’ll be doing a season wrap-up article comparing my preseason ranks to my postseason ranks. So much fun to look forward to! For now, let’s look back to last week:

Top 5
  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Oakland Raiders
  4. New York Giants
  5. Seattle Seahawks
Bottom 5
  1. Chicago Bears
  2. New York Jets
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. San Francisco 49ers
  5. Cleveland Browns
  1. __________

On to week 14!
Top 5
NFL Split 10 dak prescott
  1. Dallas Cowboys 11-1
    We have a new streak! One that can only be tied at this point. With four games left in the season, Dallas holds the longest streak in the top spot. Four straight weeks is good enough to oust New England and Minnesota from that claim. It’s not hard to see why. It’s hard to poke holes in this team. We can talk about how much the defense may lack in explosive talent, the truth is they’re doing enough to get the job done. We all get the treat of seeing them go head to head with the only team that has beat them this season.
  2. New England Patriots 10-2
    2-0-1, no that’s not their record you haters. You can be disgusted by him all you want (I might even share in some of it with you), but there’s no denying Brady’s greatness. It’s very fitting that it would come against a coach who shows greatness in losing. The result of the game is far from a surprise, nor is the continued success of New England. They keep their rank in the Top 5.
  3. Oakland Raiders 10-2
    It may not have been in the final quarter, but the comeback was no less impressive. After quickly finding themselves down by two scores, the Raiders wasted no time in erasing the deficit and creating one of their own. Now almost solidified in the postseason, Oakland natives are preparing themselves for the first time they will be able to enjoy a playoff berth in the social media era.
  4. Seattle Seahawks 8-3-1
    Should they thank Ron Rivera for the head start? Or should they sweat bullets over losing a member of the Legion of Boom? Now is the time to get healthy, not take a huge loss heading into the final quarter of the season. Still, Seattle showed much ease in dismantling the Panthers on Sunday Night. Even without Earl Thomas, Seattle should be a force in the coming weeks and well into the playoffs.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-3
    They may not win pretty, but they win. Kansas City shows again that they have what it takes to win a close game. Going into Denver in Atalanta back-to-back would almost guarantee a loss for most teams in the league, Kansas City finds themselves in great position as they host Oakland on Thursday night. Their late game vigor and stout defense should be a recipe for success. We’ll overlook their deep threat deficiencies for now.


Outside looking in:

Baltimore Ravens – Could Joe Cool be coming out to play? The Ravens defense has been playing well all season. Now we may be witnessing the offense coming to life.
Denver Broncos – An injury to Trevor Siemian gave us a chance to see another Paxton Lynch start. In spite of an underwhelming performance, Denver left with a win. Perhaps with a healthy Siemian the Broncos offense will have a chance to mature in time for a postseason run.
New York Giants – Not the best showing on Sunday, but the Giants are still to be regarded as a top team. The money they spent on their defense is starting to show, and we all know that their offense is capable of keeping up with the rest of them.
Bottom 5

clock dodgers nfl split 10

  1. Chicago Bears 3-9
    Is a win really a win when it’s against the 49ers? As usual a rise in the Bottom 5 usually means you stunk a little less than the other teams. Matt Barkley’s maturation may have came just in time to cost the Bears a shot at a top three pick in the draft.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-10
    We all saw the stat, Blake Bortles now has more pick-6 throws than he has wins after three seasons. All these terrible games bring back memories of one of my favorite tweets from earlier this year,”Y’all said the Jags were gonna be good this year.” Never change Bomani, never change.
  3. New York Jets 3-9
    Their own coach said it best, “We got our a** kicked.” Honestly, not much more is needed to describe the Jets’ season. The question is, how do they fix it? Or even, can it be fixed with the current regime?
  4. San Francisco 49ers 1-11
    I can hear the announcer on the loud speaker now, “He recently set the record for fewest yards on more than five attempts. COLIIIIN CRAPERNICK!!!” It almost breaks your heart to see how far and quickly the 49ers went from the class of the league to the-…… You get where I was going with that right? In a toilet bowl to rival all toilet bowls, we’ll watch the 49ers and Jets fight for second worst team in the league next week.
  5. Cleveland Browns 0-12
    For you Cleveland, a bye is a win. We’ll equate it to a push with the dealer at a blackjack table. As Cleveland stares down the barrel of a surefire number one overall pick, you pity them their misfortune. Almost assuredly no wins for this season, as well as no real prospect to draft first overall with the intention of turning the franchise around.

In danger of falling:

Carolina Panthers – I’ll be honest Ron, it didn’t look good. Maybe Sunday night verses the Steelers isn’t the right time to enforce a misdemeanor. Almost an exclamation point on a terrible season.
Houston Texans – Well, they kind of kept up? Good job? Great effort? Back to the drawing board for Houston. So many fixes, so few answers as to how they will be accomplished.
Los Angeles Rams – Well, if you ever feared being challenged by Jeff Fisher, fear not. However, Rams fans have much to fear over the next two years. I need Jeff Fisher to write a book on how to succeed so much while turning in TERRIBLE work.
Written By: Eddie Cepeda – Follow Eddie on Twitter: @eddiecee23

Four more games friends, and then it’s playoff football!

Hit me up and let me know why I’m so woefully incorrect!

Comment below or hit me up at @eddiecee23 on Twitter and Instagram.

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