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Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Fresh Meat: NFL Draft Day 1 Reactions

Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft is in the books!

Check out Jason’s aka 2DrinkMinimum’s reactions to the players you can draft in Fantasy Football this upcoming season.

Pick Player Fit Grade Value Grade
#2 Bears Mitchell Trubisky D- D
Reaction: Moved up one spot to get the Mitchell when he would have been there at the next slot.  Bears gave Glennon money to sit? I Still don’t want much to do with Mitchell. Over valued in rookie drafts, not for me because I don’t believe he’s as Valuable as Goff in 2016.
#4 Jaguars Leonard Fournette B+ B
Reaction: Obviously, the immediate workhorse back in Jacksonville with almost 20 touches a game coming.  Takes some pressure off Bortles and Coughlin already has his stamp, pound the rock, eat clock and play good defense.  Look for the Jags to grab an OL with the next pick or so and load up on Defense. Maybe even a late TE like Butt or Kittle that can block inline.
#5 Titans Corey Davis A- C
Reaction: Tennessee needed to add another pass catcher and they obviously believe they got that best one taking Davis as the first WR off the board.  Must not of thought he was going to be there at their second 1st round pick.  Will challenge for the top spot but ends up with the 2nd most targets on the team by the end of the year (damn you Delanie.)  Can Tennessee pass enough to make Davis the best WR in this rookie class?
#7 Chargers Mike Williams C D
Reaction: Really thought the San Diego was going defense here.  Lots of weapons for Rivers to throw to now but not sure who it hurts the most.  Red zone threat but with Hunter and Gates clogging up the middle plus Keenan too, Tyrell and Benjamin on the outside…what role will Mike have and is there enough to go around?
#8 Panthers Christian McCaffrey B B
Reaction: Not the fit I was looking for but can’t hate the pick.  Carolina will have to change up their offensive flow to make McCaffrey worth this high-level pick.  If that happens, he could challenge for most PPR points as a rookie in year one.  This will be intriguing to say the least in his usage (JStew isn’t as worthless if this would have been Fournette coming to Carolina). Could he be overused if they ask him to fill in on special teams too?  Size/Frame break down but can we get past his skin color now please?
#9 Bengals John Ross C- C
Reaction: Another team I thought would have gone defense here.  AJ Green did get hurt last year and Eifert seems to always be dealing with something.  When healthy there is a lot of things for the opposing defenses to think about.  Ross will have a few big games because he only needs one catch to make the start worth it for you but expect more Bust than Boom games in year one.  Red Rifle, get this guy the ball on some bubble screens and quick slants so his speedy Gonzalez feet can do the work.
#10 Chiefs Patrick Mahomes II B- C-
Reaction: Did Kansas City want this guy or what (swapped 1st this year, gave a 3rd 2017 and 2018 1st to Buffalo).  He better be worth it.  I like the pick and can’t wait to see how long it takes him to supplant Alex Smith.  Alex has two years left on his deal but Mahomes won’t sit that long.  Chiefs go into 2018 with Patrick as the starter is my prediction.  Can’t wait to see this offense with Patrick behind center and weapons all around:  Hill, Kelce, Maclin and don’t be surprised when KC brings in a name splash RB in rounds 2-3.
#12 Texans Deshaun Watson B B-
Reaction: Third time in the first 12 picks that a team traded up to get a QB (swapped 1st with the Browns and gave them the 2018 1st).  Recently on the Clock Dodgers podcast #63 with Swagzilla, I’m on record for saying I wouldn’t be that excited if he ended up here. (Man, I hate when Neal is correct.) Slight trend up for Nuk with the Clemson connection in Houston.  Watson will beat out Savage during the pre-season (Head Coach doesn’t want to anoint the rookie immediately but it will happen) and have the best rookie QB performance in year one, but I’m not sure that’s really something too difficult to achieve this season.
#19 Bucs OJ Howard A- B-
Reaction: No chance Tampa Bay thought that OJ Howard would still be on the board at this point. More film watching showed a better blocker than I originally thought.  Look for a lot of 2 TE sets for Tampa Bay, can’t make America Brate though, maybe just ok now.  Winston owners are happy and I think it helps the WRs (Evans and DJax) to have a threat over the middle of the field.  Bucs are going to be fun to watch on offense this year.
#24 Giants Evan Engram B+ C
Reaction: Finally, a play maker at TE for Eli (look for his designation to be changed after year one possibly.)  Was Jeremy Shockey the last decent TE in NY?  Doesn’t block but that’s fine because he will not be in line at all.  TE was a need but Bmarsh and OBJ own the target share from Eli, longer play here. Good piece to keep an eye on especially once Marshall retires after this year or next?
#29 Browns David Njoku A- A
Reaction: Cleveland doing things right finally?  Traded back in for their 3rd pick in the first round (Packers got 33rd overall and a 3rd rounder this year to move back just a few spots) This guy is RAW but instant impact this year, expectations to what “impact” means should be tempered though.  Who is throwing him the ball?  Look for Njokiu to be lined up all over the field so it’s easier to find ways to get the ball in his hands.

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