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nfl 2017 awards

Signing the Waiver – NFL 2017 Awards

2017 Signing the Waiver


Awards Show!

I’ve been working on a more serious review article for the season, with a real look at what I did right, what I did wrong, and why. So look for that later this off-season. In the meantime, some Deep Start picks stuck out to me as I was reading over my articles.

Just in time for awards season and the most boring week of the NFL, I bring you the awards for my 2017 Signing the Waiver Deep Start picks.

Enjoy laughing at me. Quotations are actual words typed by me.

Closest Pick – Paul Richardson 9.9pts

“Too little, too late.”

I had a couple Tight Ends barely fall short of being 15 point “Hits” with 14.9 (Engram and ASJ), but they were still successes getting over 10pts.

Paul Richardson broke my heart Week 1 with 9.9 points, technically qualifying as a “Miss”.

That hurts.

Easiest Pick – Ryan Griffin 17.1pts – Week 3

“Watson may try to force it to Hopkins, but he will soon learn to find someone else to target, and he will find Ryan Griffin open in the middle of the field.”

I debated what to call this award. It wasn’t necessarily “easy” but it was a case where all I had to do was follow the process and there it was. I didn’t have to really think, or dig into any really detailed stats to find it. Understanding how New England likes to focus on removing their opponent’s primary targets, combined with their injuries at middle linebacker and vulnerability to Tight Ends the previous two weeks, and Houston’s TE injuries all added up to Griffin’s name appearing in flashing lights.

Worst Pick – Brice Butler 1.6pts – Week 9

“if anything Zeke will draw attention away from Butler.”

I don’t want to talk about it.

Proudest Pick – Tre McBride 12.2pts – Week 8

“This may be Trubisky’s first real passing performance…McBride being targeted deep by Trubisky when he’s allowed to air it out.”

This is more of a behind the scenes pick, because I’m basing it on the difficulty it took to arrive at it. I was going into Week 8 and the previous several weeks had been rough with only one success a week. Just the way the schedule was with matchups, no obvious Deep Starts were popping out to me and I really had to dig in. Doing so, I was able to uncover some very specific data on the Saints defense and how it would relate to McBride. From a process and effort perspective, I’m most proud of this pick. Also, he was truly a throw away Deep Start as he was dropped from the Bears, the team with no wide receivers, in late November.

Most Embarrassing Pick – Adam Humphries 3.7pts – Week 10

“but Humphries should be the possession receiver”

This was the fantasy community’s favorite game in Week 10. Tampa Bay vs New York Jets. Two terrible defenses whose offenses were actually performing well in recent weeks. It was the perfect setup for a high scoring game but with one hitch: Mike Evans was suspended for the game. This of course meant that another Buccaneer wide receiver was going to get focused on by Fitzpatrick (Winston was injured) and that receiver was clearly going to be: Adam Humphries. Right?

Wrong. The Bucs played terribly, Jackson and Godwin got more work and Humphries finished with 4 targets, 2 catches for 17 yards.

This is my most embarrassing pick because I allowed myself to fall blindly into several narrative traps:

  • That Fitzpatrick was running the Bucs offense just fine. He didn’t.
  • That the Jets defense would surrender a lot of points or at least receptions. They didn’t.
  • That Humphries would become the possession receiver as the veteran intermediate route runner. He didn’t.
  • That Godwin would not have gained Fitzpatrick’s trust enough to focus on him.  He had.
  • And worst of all, that Humphries would be good enough to accomplish such a feat, even if given opportunity. He wasn’t.

Craziest Pick – Phillip Dorsett 10.5pts – Week 2

“Okay, I’m well aware this one is crazy. I’m slapping myself right now trying to wake up from this bad dream.” Me, Week 2, while watching myself type “Phillip Dorsett”.

This is meant as the craziest pick…that was correct. And by far, it has to be my Week 2 pick of Phillip Dorsett.

The man had been with the Patriots for one game. He had done nothing in Indy the year before and was (and still is!) on his way to being an infamous bust. He didn’t break 10 points again for the entire year. In fact, he only caught 9 more passes the entire season. This was the epitome of a throw away Deep Start.

Pick that helped you all season – Evan Engram

“They have an investment in this first round pick who is really more of a receiver than a tight end to begin with.”

Here I was looking for the player I picked that you probably held onto and continued to play.

There were several great candidates. Calling Will Fuller in his first game back Week 4 (19.9pt result) was great, and his production over the following weeks was amazing if you caught that wave. But it derailed with injury.

How Robert Woods was still under 30% in week 7 is unknown to me. He was definitely a season long asset.

But the best player for the season was clearly Evan Engram. His 14.9pts in Week 2 was a great a pick, but he continued on to have a fantastic season, easily being a weekly start. What started as just picking on a defensive weakness against Tight Ends by the Lions became a starring role after injuries plagued the Giants’ receivers. Congratulations to you if you hopped on the Engram train early.

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