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4 Tires & Fuel – Pure Michigan 400 (NASCAR Race DFS)

We are racing at Michigan this week, and my man just happened to celebrate a birthday last week so now, I want to share one of the main reasons I am a huge Tom Brady fan, I know I know…another die hard Brady lover. Well, hear me out. When I was growing up in Kentucky my first love was basketball with aspirations of playing for the Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp Arena, not the NBA. I played basketball from the time I was 6-7 years old all the way until the 8th grade and was always the starting point guard on every team I was associated with at those ages.

I decided to take a few years off as I entered high school, where I found football. Well, my junior year my dad talked me into back into playing basketball and the guys who were already on the team was really pushing me to tryout as well by this time my game had really developed and to this very single day my friends will tell you basketball was my best sport.  I was so much better by this age, shooting, ball handling, etc. We had tryouts for the 3 nights right after football season, so for 3 nights I worked my tail off and I gave 110% every single drill, weight lifting session, scrimmage or whatever it was.

So, it was time for announcements to be made on who made the team, and I was called to the coaches office. Now, I had no idea what was going to happen…I walk in, coach looks at me and says sorry I don’t have a spot for you, you’re ball handling is not where it needs to be. I kindly looked at that coach and said thanks for your time, I went home and laid on my bed and just starred at the ceiling, what did I do wrong? At 17 years old, I learned more about myself in 2 hours on a school night than I ever have in my life. Was I going to get up and succeed or was I going to lay there and pout?

My senior year was coming up for football and I was going to prepare, and I was going to give everything I had to put me in a position to be successful. I attacked my senior year fearless, I hate to brag to on myself I really do, this is just an example. I was the first 1,000 yard receiver my high school has had in 20 years, and I went from a skinny sophomore to who almost walked out on the team to being named the District MVP my senior year. Now, what I am getting at is there nothing more painful them someone looking you straight into the eyes and telling you that you’re not good enough, when deep down you know inside yourself that you are.

This is what leads me back to Tom Brady, imagine all of the people who looked at him and told he wasn’t good enough, or who don’t deserve to be here, and what does he do today? Continues to prove them wrong, with that chip on his shoulder and I love it. A 5 time Super Bowl Champion. Don’t ever listen to any negativity put towards you, use it as motivation and prove them wrong.


Top Tier – Cash & GPP

Martin Truex Jr. – ($10,600)

For the first time since Phoenix the 78 did not advance to the final round of qualifying. Which to me is great, finally thank god. In the last 5 races here, Truex has 2 top 5’s and 3 top 10’s. The 78 is the best car week in and week out, the Toyota’s are so fast right now. Lock and load, he will start 13th.

Brad Keslowski – ($9,400)

A Michigan boy who would love nothing more to win in front of family and friends and would also be a huge win in Ford’s backyard. In the last 5 races here, brad has 2 top 5’s, 2 top 10’s, and 1 top 20. He will start on the pole Sunday.


Mid-Tier GPP

Jimmie Johnson – ($9,100)

Well I will just say this, its Jimmie Johnson. How many races have you seen where Jimmie wasn’t on the pole, wasn’t first in practice, but somehow won the race, a seven time champion. He will find his way to the front, he is a racer. In the last 5 races here, he has 2 top 10’s, 2 top 20’s and a finish of 39th.


Ryan Blaney – ($8,700)

My favorite play of the week, he was fastest in the first practice and he would have sit on the pole if it wasn’t for a little hiccup in turn 1 in the last round of qualifying. In the last 5 races he has 1 top 5, 1 top 20, and 3 finishes of 24th, and 25th. This week Penske has brought speed, keep an eye on the 21 this weekend.


Dark Horse GPP

Ty Dillon –  ($6,600)

It seems like the Dillon Brothers excel on these high speed tracks, the last race that took place at Michigan. Ty was able to advance 17 positions, I love Ty Dillon as a great value play this week.

David Ragan – ($5,200)

David Ragan Is a veteran driver who should be able to keep his nose clean during the the race and gain you positive place differential points, that’s really all we are looking for in a driver this cheap.


Other top-tier drivers to consider:

Kyle Busch – ($10,500)
Kyle Larson – ($10,300)
Chase Elliott – ($9,800)

Other mid-tier drivers to consider:

Joey Logano – ($9,000)
Jamie McMurray – ($8,700)
Daniel Suarez – ($7,600)

Other value drivers to consider:

Ryan Newman – ($7,300)
Paul Menard – ($6,500)
Aric Almirola – ($6,000)

Acie Waller

DFS Contributor

Writer - 4 Tires & Fuel

Find me on the Fantasy Life App @patsace1

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