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Metroboard Electric Skateboard

Metroboard Electric Skateboard

Electric forms of transportation are a big deal right now (electric skateboards, electric standing scooters, etc.) and it seems as though everyone wants to give it a try. I assume that, thanks to the videos all over the internet of people attempting the electric standing scooter and falling flat on their faces. However, the METROBOARD Electric Skateboard is not exactly in the same lane as the standing scooter, and in my opinion, that’s a good thing. Count me in the group of people who find the sight of someone standing completely vertical slowly floating down the street as odd. I’m not the only one who finds this strange, am I?Metroboard Electric Skateboard

The Electric Skateboard by METROBOARD is on a whole different level! My words here will only do it a small piece of justice and the video below will only help so much also. You really need to get your hands, err your feet, on one of these boards. A couple of safety notes first, these are not meant to be rode in the rain and not by anyone under the age of 16. Their is a weight limit (of course) but it’s pretty high (well over 200 pounds) so most people will be fine.

METROBOARD’s Electric Skateboard can go up to 20 MPH & even goes up-hill. At 15-20 MPH you are literally cruising on these things. The boards come equipped with a brushless motor, lithium batteries and a wireless remote. You can have zero knowledge about any of those pieces of hardware and it wont matter to most, although it is what separates METROBOARD’s skateboard from the rest. For the average consumer all you need to do is say goodbye to kick & push, and say hello to press & go! These boards can be enjoyed by hardcore skateboarders all the way down to someone who has never used a skateboard in there life.Metroboard Electric Skateboard

Christmas is around the corner so we have to mention it. What could you possibly buy someone that would give them more enjoyment then one of these bad boys? To get your own METROBOARD Electric Skateboard just click HERE. Not only are they a blast to ride around on through your neighborhood or park. Many people use there board to avoid walking as much, travel quicker in the city, or even for there rides into work. It’s super convenient, easy to transport, and they look great.

You know at Clock Dodgers we would never recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves. We stand 100% behind this board in all aspects. Check out the video below that gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to own one of these boards.


Do you already own a METROBOARD Electric Skateboard? If so, let us know in the comments below how much you love it. We want to hear your review/stories!

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