#69 - Matt Harmon Weight Loss, Brand Building & Fantasy Football - Clock Dodgers
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matt harmon weight loss

#69 – Matt Harmon Weight Loss, Brand Building & Fantasy Football

Friend of the show Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) returns to the Clock Dodgers Podcast to talk with Neal about his weight loss journey. Harmon is well known for his Fantasy Football knowledge working for the NFL Network & having created Reception Perception which you can buy now here. Harmon’s 100lb weight loss achievement is something that doesn’t get the attention it deserves so I figured what better discussion to have with Matt than that. If you need some motivation or a little inspiration to make some life changing move then this is the perfect episode for you to listen to.

  • Matt Harmon Weight loss journey
  • Success in the industry (Backyard Banter Podcast, NFL Network, Reception Perception, Fantasy Hipsters)
  • Branding
  • Clock Dodgers Entertainment Draft
  • Listener Questions (from Sleeperbot & Fantasy Life App)
  • “Foul or No Foul”

matt harmon weightloss

Check out Matt Harmon and his work at the websites mentioned above and follow him on twitter!

Shout out to the guys over at Liquid Spiral for providing the intro & outro music.

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