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Marvel - Doctor Strange Clock Dodgers

Marvel – Doctor Strange – Movie Trailer

The Doctor Strange trailer dropped and it’s about to introduce an entirely different element to the MCU: Magic


– We get shots of Doctor Strange’s origin. It’s a lot like Iron Man’s they’re both cocky charismatic genius assholes until a situation humbled them. Well, maybe not Iron man, he’s still a cocky asshole.

– We get Chewitel Ejiofor’s Mordo. Is he a hero, is he a villain, is he an anti hero kind of like Loki? I mean Loki only killed like 75 people that time in New York, silly trickster…..

– We see Strange forced by the Ancient One, Tilda Swinton, into Astral Projection, one of his many abilities. 

– Mads Mikkelson plays the villain, though not much else is known about that character. I think he’s working for Dormammu, one of Strange’s bigger villains.

– Finally at the end we see Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorum, his base of operations, and it’s signature gigantic window.

– I’m ridiculously excited for this movie, not only will it bring magical elements to the MCU, but it also proves how far the film industry has come in excepting comic book properties. Ten years ago we thought it was cool as shit that we had Spider-Man and Batman, now we’re getting fucking Doctor Strange. What a great time to be a nerd.

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