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Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

Other than multi-vitamins, the only other supplement I have ever stood by without falter would be fish oil. I know their are many doubters out there who do not believe in the use of any supplements in any way, shape or form. I get it, and if that works for you than so be it. I have no interest in changing your mind, I only want to provide you with information. How you use it and apply it to your life is completely up to you.

I agree, and in any case I have ever seen/read, nobody disagrees with the fact that true whole food is the best way for you to get your nutrients and vitamins. However, the average human does not intake enough of the right foods to do this and with our busy lives it can be very difficult. In many cases, supplements are the best way to ensure yourself that you stay in the most optimum level of health you can.

In comes Fish Oil, and more recently, Krill Oil. Anyone who has ever searched these two supplements knows good and well that they are of much debate. Not on whether they work, rather on which one works better. From the most recent studies I have read, it appears that Krill Oil is more bio-available and also contains an antioxidant which Fish Oil does not have. I am not a doctor or scientist so all of my knowledge comes from what I have read on the subject.

Personally, I prefer Krill Oil. I believe in the sources that I have received my information from, and therefore I made the switch from Fish Oil over to Krill Oil. From my own personal experience with Krill Oil there is no doubt that it makes you feel better in more ways then one. I will not go on about my personal benefits from taking Krill Oil as I’d rather you give it a shot on your own and tell me how you feel.

For those who are seeking more information on Krill Oil vs Fish Oil I suggest you watch the video below. As always, when discussing health and the human body, my go-to expert is always Dr. Rhonda Patrick. If you are a listener of the Joe Rogan Experience you are familiar with her as she has made many appearances on the podcast and is fantastic. She has her own website which I recommend you go check out now, as well as her YouTube page Found My Fitness which has tons of great videos to watch and learn from. Remember, continue to educate yourself and never stop trying to improve.

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