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Jon Snow's fate

Game of Thrones – Jon Snow’s Fate *SPOILERS*

So the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally happened on yesterday’s episode (5/1/16). We had all been waiting to see whether Jon Snow would be brought back to life on the show, of if he would be left dead forever. Well………HE’S ALIVE!!!


Jon Snow's fate clock dodgers

However, now that we know Jon Snow is alive again, we have no clue where his story line will travel. Will he no longer live by the oath he once made to the Night’s Watch, since technically speaking he died and no longer can be held to that oath. Will he continue to lead the Night’s Watch on it’s only mission to protect the wall? Maybe, just maybe, Melisandra (The Red Woman) was right, and Jon Snow will be fighting on the battlefield at Winterfell.

jon snow's fate clock dodgers

We do know that Ramsay Bolton said his plan is to launch an attack on Castle Black in order to kill Jon Snow. Being that Jon Snow was just brought back to life, it’s safe to assume Ramsay will fail horribly on that mission. Meanwhile, Sansa Stark & Brienne of Tarth are also on their way to meet up with Jon at Castle Black, so we are certainly in store for one hell of a fight.

It seems as with every good story, one answer always opens up 3 new questions. Where Jon Snow goes from here is anybodies guess, but at the end of the day does it really matter? We ALL wanted Jon Snow back alive, and our wish was granted. REJOICE!!!

Just remember, it’s not only Jon Snow who knows nothing……neither do we.

jon snow's fate clock dodgers


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