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ishmael zamora interview

Ishmael Zamora Interview – NFL WR talks Life, Baylor, Raiders, Fantasy Football

Ishmael Zamora joined Neal on the podcast to talk about Ishmael the football player AND the person. It’s clear when talking with Ishmael that nothing will stand in his way of success in the NFL. Neal & Ishmael talk about the transition from Baylor’s offense to the NFL game, signing with the Oakland Raiders, what motivates him to fight through the obstacles & much more. Whether you’re looking for that extra push in life, love the NFL & Fantasy Football or just want to hear a great conversation, this episode has everything you’re looking for. As always, Be Kind, Be Great, Keep Dodging!

ishmael zamora interview
Photo: Rod Aydelotte, Associated Press

Topics discussed on episode:

  • Ishmael talks about what motivates & drives him to success
  • Transition from Baylor offense to the NFL
  • Signing with the Raiders
  • His birthplace and what the state of TX means to him
  • Fantasy Football and his thoughts on the game fans love to play
  • Favorite rapper, other passions, etc.

After listening to the Ishmael Zamora Interview, look for Ishmael playing for the Oakland Raiders!

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